Editorial Team

Editor in chief
Handi Cahyono

Account Executive
M. Zainal Muttaqien

  • Berto Adinata Pramadya
  • Adiyasa Prahenda

East Java:

  • Kristanto
  • Patrick Syahbani

Achmad Zaky Fanani

Ainy Rachmaniyah


PT Suara Oto Jatim is a media company officially registered as a legal entity in the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights with the number AHU-035283.AH.01.30.Year 2022. The company's main business activity is the publication of newspapers, journals, bulletins, and magazines with the business activity code of 58130.

As a media company, PT Suara Oto Jatim is responsible for presenting accurate and reliable news and information to its readers and users. In addition, the company can provide advertising and promotion services to interested parties to promote their products and services through print media published by PT Suara Oto Jatim.

As a registered media company, PT Suara Oto Jatim is expected to comply with the regulations and legal rules that apply to its business activities, including but not limited to journalistic ethics, copyright, privacy, and information security.