Unveiling Toyota All-New Alphard at GIIAS 2023: Elevating Comfort and Eco-Friendly Luxury with Cutting-Edge Features

Toyota Alphard Hybrid Indonesia 2023

Tangerang, Otojatim.com - The GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2023 witnessed the unveiling of the brand-new Alphard by PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM).

This sophisticated Premium Luxury MPV showcases enhanced comfort for passengers along with an emphasis on eco-friendly Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) technology, as part of Toyota's commitment to environmentally conscious mobility.

During the launch event at ICE BSD City, Tangerang – Banten from August 10–20, 2023, Hiroyuki Ueda, President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), expressed the significance of the All-New Alphard, highlighting its enduring popularity in the Indonesian market since its introduction in 2008.

This new iteration features an elegant and refined appearance that offers an aura of luxury and hospitality from the moment passengers step inside. The integration of electrification technology ensures both eco-friendliness and safety, thanks to Toyota Safety Sense technology and T Intouch telematics updates.

Having maintained an 85% market share in the Premium Luxury MPV segment in 2022, the Toyota Alphard is an undisputed leader in its category in Indonesia. Toyota aims to uphold its commitment to "Mobility for All" by meeting customer demands and expanding their range of electrified vehicles (xEV), further advancing carbon-neutral mobility across society.

The incorporation of Toyota's New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform guarantees optimal driving quality by addressing the challenge of high vibration harsh (NVH) noise reduction. By utilizing shock absorbers that dynamically adjust damping forces based on road surface vibrations, the All-New Alphard delivers superior maneuverability, stability, and a 30% reduction in unwanted road vibrations compared to its predecessor.

Aerodynamic concerns posed by the boxy design of the MPV were met through ingenious measures. The All-New Alphard employs low-noise tires, sound-dampening materials on the hood, and carefully optimized shapes for the hood, mirrors, and A-pillars. This ensures a quieter interior environment while facilitating smooth airflow for reduced wind noise.

To enhance riding comfort, Body Pitching Control minimizes the vertical movement experienced when navigating mountainous terrain, while the S-VSC (Side-Vehicle Stability Control) feature counters crosswind forces. These innovations contribute to a smoother, more composed driving experience.

The All-New Alphard boasts enhanced cabin dimensions for increased passenger comfort. With a length of 5,010 mm, width of 1,850 mm, and height of 1,945 mm, along with a 3,000 mm wheelbase, this version offers improved maneuverability and a more spacious interior. The middle row can be adjusted by 500 mm, optimizing passenger sitting positions. Access to the rear seats is facilitated by a widened gap between the executive power seats.

Hospitality is a central theme, evident in various design elements and thoughtful features. Universal Steps on the sliding doors aid children and adults alike, while long assist grips ensure effortless movement for passengers. Ceiling storage, Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE), and adjustable lighting contribute to a serene atmosphere.

The moon roof extends above the ceiling storage, affording passengers the opportunity to gaze at the sky or enjoy privacy by closing it. Additionally, seats have been redesigned with a focus on providing exceptional comfort and tranquility, making the vehicle suitable for use as a mobile office or private space.

The All-New Alphard arrives in four variants: 2.5 X, 2.5 G, and 2.5 HV. A suite of advanced features including Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) 3.0 ensures driver protection and accident prevention. The T Intouch system provides connectivity through the mToyota app, offering features like Time Fencing, Speed Alerts, Idle Alert, Guest Driver Alert, Driving Report, and Safe Driving Reward.

With the introduction of the All-New Alphard at GIIAS 2023, Toyota continues to showcase its dedication to sustainable and luxurious mobility solutions, catering to the evolving needs of Indonesian consumers.

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