All New Toyota bZ4X: The First Toyota Battery EV in Indonesia

Toyota's New Choice of Electrified Technology to Support Zero-Emission Mobility 

toyota electric car indonesia

Jakarta, – The first mass-production battery-based electric car (Battery Electric Vehicle/BEV), the All New Toyota bZ4X, was officially launched to complement the choice of electrified technology in Indonesia. It is also a realization of Toyota’s commitment to present a complete environmentally friendly mobility solution for the community’s various needs.
“In line with the commitment to Mobility for All, we are complementing the existing electrified technology options with the All New bZ4X as the first Toyota Battery Electric Vehicle to be marketed to customers in Indonesia. The All New bZ4X is a form of realization of Toyota’s vision in presenting ever-better cars as a means of community mobility that is pollution-free and environmentally friendly,” said President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Susumu Matsuda.

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Toyota is striving to contribute towards Carbon Neutrality by creating a more inclusive and sustainable world and society. In line with that, our commitment to offering electrified vehicles continues to grow, in efforts to fully support the Indonesian government's strategy in achieving the Net Zero Emission target in 2060. This is also tied closely with the Toyota's Environmental Challenge 2050, to reduce carbon emissions in various business aspects, including products and technology
Toyota has been presenting electrified products in Indonesia since 2009, and the choice of products and technology continues to grow. Up until today, across Toyota and Lexus, TAM has a total of 14 electrified product choices, with Hybrid EV, Plug-In Hybrid EV, and Battery EV. For more than a decade of marketing electrified products, TAM has recorded total sales of 7,021 units this year. The various choices of electrified technology provided by Toyota are aimed at enabling people to choose electrified vehicles that suit their needs and lifestyles in mobility. This encourages all members of the community can contribute to reducing carbon emissions by using eco-friendly technology.
"The All New bZ4X is part of Toyota's belief in the idea of "Introducing sustainable vehicles practically" and with the introduction of Toyota's Battery EV, it completes the current line-up of electrified vehicles in Indonesia, consisting of Hybrid EV, Plug-In Hybrid EV, and Battery EV. With this, customers are free to choose a Toyota electrified vehicle that suits their individual needs. So that it opens up opportunities for all to be able to contribute to reducing carbon emissions while carrying out their mobility with environmentally friendly vehicle technology from Toyota," said Vice President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Henry Tanoto.
Safe, Comfortable and Zero Emission Mobility with the All New bZ4X
The All New bZ4X is built based on the e-TNGA Platform, a refinement of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). However, optimized and dedicated to Battery Electric Vehicles. One of the advantages is that the remote battery unit is located completely under the floor of the vehicle as an integral part of the chassis, thereby helping to achieve a low center of gravity, ideal front-rear weight balance, and high body rigidity. The lithium-ion battery in the bZ4X has a capacity of 71.4 kWh which, since fully charged, has a range of up to 500 km without producing any emissions.
“With the use of the e-TNGA platform, the bZ4X battery can be integrated into the chassis so that it is safe from impacts from various sides. The cooling water system integrated with the car’s AC system is used to stabilize the battery temperature after extensive use to maintain battery performance and safety,” said Marketing Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Anton Jimmi Suwandy.
The interior theme of the bZ4X is comfort and spaciousness, giving a cabin-style living room atmosphere. Combined with the largest 12.3-inch touch screen in a Toyota car with navigation menus accompanied by full connectivity features to smartphones. The first for electric cars in Indonesia, there is also the Advanced Park feature, which is designed to help the driver when parallel parking or reverse parking without needing to move the steering wheel.
As an advanced car, the All New bZ4X utilizes the most advanced active safety features to protect drivers and other road users, namely Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) 3.0. Also embedded in T Intouch advanced telematics features. This technology connects users and cars with various Toyota mobility services through mTOYOTA.
Total Mobility Solution to Bring Peace of Mind
Not only does Toyota provide products, it also provides comprehensive mobility services ranging from sales and maintenance to aftersales. KINTO is one of the usership-based mobility solutions to offer convenience and flexibility for customers to use the car they want without having to think about the maintenance of the vehicle they are using (hassle-free). Through KINTO One and KINTO One Syariah, customers can experience an advanced and enjoyable driving experience of the All New Toyota bZ4X only by subscribing starting from Rp. 20 million per month. The KINTO One subscription package lasts 12-60 months and includes full services, namely periodic service fees, tax extension & vehicle registration, insurance, emergency roadside assistance, and battery & tire replacement.
The All New Toyota bZ4X is also equipped with Toyota's newest aftersales service, T-CARE, which provides more peace of mind to customers. For customers who use this Battery EV, it is included in the T-CARE program, a Free Service Fee program (Service Fee and Spare Parts) until the 7th periodic service (maximum 3 years/60,000 kilometers, whichever comes first). There is an additional benefit in the form of an extended warranty of 1 year/20,000 km if customers routinely perform timely service according to TAM's recommendations. The benefits of this program can be availed at all official Toyota outlets in Indonesia.
Furthermore, as evidence of battery quality and commitment to providing peace of mind to customers, TAM also provides an All New Toyota bZ4X battery warranty for 8 years or 160,000 km, depending on which one is achieved first.
"Now all of Toyota's electrified cars have a battery warranty of 8 years/160,000 kilometers which can be claimed at all Toyota dealer networks throughout Indonesia. We ensure that the entire dealer network can handle any problems with customers' electrified vehicles by setting up modern and sophisticated workshop facilities according to the needs of regular service and repairs, improving the quality of technicians according to global Toyota standards to handle electrified vehicles, as well as providing spare parts as needed in the workshop, " end Anton.
After launching the All New bZ4X, TAM is committed to the continuation of presenting a variety of innovations and choices of electrified vehicles for the complex needs of the Indonesian people. This includes locally producing its first Hybrid-based electrified vehicle.