New Canter Bus Variant Unveiled by Mitsubishi Fuso Distributor KTB to Enhance Passenger Comfort and Tourism in Indonesia

indonesian fuso canter bus

Tangerang, - PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB), the official distributor of Mitsubishi Fuso commercial vehicles in Indonesia, has unveiled a new variant of the Canter Bus at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2023 on August 10, 2023.

The Canter Bus is introduced to support the passenger transportation and tourism sectors in Indonesia. This vehicle offers various advanced features that enhance passenger comfort.

Based on the Euro4 standard Fuso Canter FE 71L BC chassis, this vehicle has longer dimensions and a larger seating capacity than the previous model, Espasio.

Key features of the Canter Bus include an increased luggage compartment size for storing passenger belongings, seats with synthetic leather for extra comfort, USB chargers for passenger electronic devices, and an improved audio system for entertainment during the journey.

KTB introduced the Canter Bus in response to strong demand from the local tourism industry and travel sector in Indonesia. Some of its main features include:

  1. Spacious Cabin: With a body length of 6.5 meters, the Canter Bus provides a more spacious and comfortable cabin for passengers, making it suitable for passenger transport and tourism businesses.
  2. Ample Luggage Area: In addition to the cabin space, the vehicle also boasts a large luggage area capable of accommodating more items without compromising passenger comfort.
  3. Extra Luggage Space: The rear seats can be folded to provide additional luggage space as needed.
  4. USB Chargers: Each side of the cabin is equipped with USB chargers, making it convenient for passengers to charge electronic devices.
  5. Quality Interior: Luxurious interior design with synthetic leather-covered seats that are easy to maintain.
  6. Audio System: A six-speaker audio system offers maximum entertainment for passengers.

Furthermore, the Canter Bus is equipped with the Runner telematics system that monitors vehicle and management systems.

In terms of after-sales service, consumers need not worry. Mitsubishi FUSO has the widest network in Indonesia with 221 dealers providing sales, service, and spare parts, along with over 6,700 spare parts stores, 18 spare parts centers, 16 24-hour emergency repair shops, and 127 mobile service workshops spread across various regions in Indonesia.

With the Integrated Powerful Solution approach, Mitsubishi FUSO customers will receive excellent service throughout their vehicle ownership, facilitating business operations.

President Director of PT. KTB, Nobukazu Tanaka, explained, "This variant features a spacious cabin with a capacity of 19 passengers and 1 driver, providing extra comfort. Additionally, the ample luggage space allows for secure and convenient storage of passenger belongings. We believe the Canter Bus will be the preferred choice for passenger transportation and tourism businesses in the future."