2024: Toyota Improvements on the New Rush GR Sport

7 seater SUV Indonesia

Jakarta, Otojatim.com — With a spirit of continuous improvement, PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) provides enhancements in the looks and features of the New Rush GR Sport as one of the vehicles highly sought after by the Indonesian people. Refreshments are made to the exterior and interior design to further strengthen the DNA of the New Rush as a medium SUV that appears sportier and tougher while enhancing comfort with advanced features, along with touches to emphasize the impression of quality and premium on this flagship Toyota Family SUV.

"As a mobility company, PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) holds strong core values in continuous improvement to probvide ever-better cars as mobility solutions that meet the needs of customers and the evolving times. Toyota aims to strengthen the identity of the GR brand in the New Rush, which carries a sporty, tough, and fun-to-drive image, while also enhancing the perception of quality and premium to reach a broader segment of the middle-class market and provide a more beneficial Total Ownership Experience for customers," said Vice President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Henry Tanoto.

Medium SUV Indonesia

The Toyota Rush dominated the whole sales of medium SUVs in 2023, with sales reaching 39,340 units, or 22.83% of the national market share. This well-established all-rounder with a strong reputation among customers excels in reliability and toughness across various road terrains and offers high functionality as a 7-seater SUV. Consequently, it facilitates all types of family mobility, whether in urban or rural areas, seamlessly and without any obstacles.

Such impressive whole sales figures place the New Rush in the top position within a fiercely competitive segment, despite some of its competitors being newcomers striving to offer various advantages. While maintaining its DNA as a family SUV, the refreshment of New Rush is expected to enhance its appeal to potential customers while also providing additional value to loyal customers.

Toyota Rush GR Sport 2024

The increased focus on the GR Sport variant is not without reason, considering that the whole sales of the Rush GR Sport last year were up to 32,693 units or 83.1% of the overall Rush sales. Recognizing the high enthusiasm of customers, PT TAM strives to enhance the value of the Rush GR Sport by introducing enhancements to several exterior details to provide sportier, more masculine, tougher, and premium looks, as well as offering a classy driving experience with luxurious touches in the cabin area.

New Rush GR Sport Improvement

Following the philosophy of "Roads Build People and People Build Cars," the longstanding presence of the New Rush in the Indonesian automotive market provides Toyota with an opportunity to develop new mobility solutions that can adapt to various road conditions and meet the diverse needs of Indonesian families.

New Rush GR Sport upgrades

The significant changes are evident in the front of the New Rush GR Sport, which already possesses a very strong SUV character. The Black Glossy Front Grille Ornament provides a fresher and more luxurious appearance, while the New Design Black Glossy Front Bumper Spoiler adds a more rugged and masculine impression to the front, serving as the signature of the GR brand SUV.

Furthermore, Toyota also aims to reinforce the core spirit of the GR brand through the alignment of several items with touches of black, which appear both sporty and elegant. A luxurious touch of black is applied to the Black Outer Mirror and Black Door Handle, while the Dual VVT-i emblem on the front fender is removed and replaced by the Black Glossy Overfender to protect the entire fender and enhance its strong appearance.

Toyota GR Sport features

Another improvement is the new design of the Black Glossy Side Body Moulding, which is positioned lower on the door, along with a new design for the Two-tone Alloy Wheel. Moving to the rear side, the Black Glossy Upper Door Garnish further emphasizes the sporty and classy vibes. In line with the front bumper, the New Design Black Glossy Rear Bumper Spoiler presents a stronger and masculine body posture at the rear.

Continuing the distinctive GR design theme of sporty, elegant, and luxurious into the interior of the New Rush GR Sport, the Black Interior Color creates a premium and comfortable cabin atmosphere. The New 9-Inch Audio Screen with the opening GR logo reinforces the impression of a fun-to-drive vehicle. Touches on the interior panel and door armrest with black soft pad material provide a more relaxed and comfortable driving experience.

New 9-Inch Audio Screen with GR logo

The GR Steering Wheel is still presented to enhance the entertaining driving sensation typical of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. The GR Headrest Cover is also retained to reinforce the sporty image inside the cabin and serve as a characteristic feature of the GR Sport type. Additionally, the Portable Tire Inflator (12 V) is now available in the New Rush GR Sport and G types.

Toyota continues to uphold one of the core values of the New Rush, which is its ability to carry 7 passengers, making it deeply ingrained in the hearts of Indonesian families with a strong sense of togetherness. Despite having 3 rows of seats, its ability to carry cargo remains adequate, with abundant storage space in the cabin area. Its typical SUV posture provides impressive flexibility and durability across various road conditions, whether on weekdays or weekends, without any doubt about its reliability.

Similar to the previous generation, the New Rush offers 4 model options with the following prices:

  • New Rush 1.5 G MT: Rp284,400,000
  • New Rush 1.5 G AT: Rp295,200,000
  • New Rush 1.5 GR Sport MT: Rp299,750,000
  • New Rush 1.5 GR Sport AT: Rp310,450,000

*Prices are On The Road (OTR) in DKI Jakarta.

As part of Toyota's efforts to achieve inclusive mobility, the Toyota Customization Option (TCO) is available specifically for the New Rush GR Sport and New Rush G types, It includes various types of accessories that can be customized according to customer needs, along with the assurance of Toyota's standard product quality. All TCO accessories can be ordered at the nearest outlet and will be installed immediately upon purchasing a New Rush with a 3-year or 100,000 km warranty if ordered together with the purchase of a new car.

is the new Rush GR Sport worth the upgrade?

To provide convenience for scheduled servicing for all types of New Rush owners, Toyota offers the T-CARE program, which includes free labor and parts costs until the 7th scheduled service (up to a maximum of 3 years / 60,000 km). Additionally, there's an extension of the Toyota warranty (Extended Warranty) for 1 year / 20,000 km, provided that customers regularly service their vehicles at authorized Toyota workshops.

"PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) expresses gratitude for the loyalty of Indonesian families who have consistently chosen the Rush as their primary mobility solution in the Medium SUV segment up to now. We also appreciate the enthusiasm of GR enthusiasts who have made the Rush GR Sport their top choice for their activities. The improvements on the New Rush GR Sport are expected to further showcase the distinctive characteristics of the GR SUV, which are sporty, tough, and elegant, while also providing a more premium excitement and joy of GR experience beyond just the appearance and driving experience," concluded Marketing Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Anton Jimmi Suwandy.(*)

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