Testing Xpander's CVT new transmission, has no problems on uphill roads

Otojatim.com - We had drove the Mitsubishi New Xpander from Surabaya to Mojokerto, at Pacet area. It is a highland full of cool air. It is a place to relax for East Java residents. With an altitude of 700 to 1.200 meters above sea level, we have tested this new MPV, CVT version, exploring its ability in the hills.

This latest Mitsubishi Xpander was created to fix the weaknesses from the old model. With more futuristic design, more comfortable and safety.

Mitsubishi Launches NEW XPANDER and NEW XPANDER CROSS for the Indonesian Market

There are several new things that we can find in this car, including: 8-speed CVT transmission, idling stop, new suspension settings, Electric Parking Brake and Brake Auto Hold (BAH). Everything works and is very useful even for casual drivers.

Inside, the cabin looks luxurious. This is because the dashboard and door trim have been coated with soft touch material, thus providing a sense of comfort.

Although, the New Xpander is included in the Low MPV category, Mitsubishi always wants to fondle its consumers with their own experience.
xpander at hills
Regarding comfort, Mitsubishi is very serious about the New Xpander. That's why we tried it from Surabaya to Pacet via the provincial road route, not the toll road. And it is proven that the New Xpander has a new, more comfortable suspension. It has able to absorb vibrations better and have a smoother rebound.

In this hilly location, New Xpander faces winding roads and is full of steep inclines. At first we doubted whether the new 8-speed CVT transmission was able to pass up and down corners with a large tilt angle.

But after trying, as a result, the New Xpander was able to pass and prove that even though using iron belt transmission, it could still be maneuvered on steep terrain. But we have to admit, that the old AT transmission is more responsive following the engine rotation..

Of course, Mitsubishi has big reason to put CVT on the New Xpander. The result is a smoother ride, making passengers feel more comfortable. The movement of the CVT belt ratio which is now tighter, 8 speed, will make fuel consumption more efficient.

This innovation of the 1500 cc DOHC Mivec 4 cylinder engine used by the New Xpander will be more environmentally friendly and meet Euro 4 emission standards which will take effect in April 2022.
xpander at mountain

Use Kick Down & Overdrive
For those of you who want to play around and get a fun-to-drive sensation, this 8-speed CVT engine is guaranteed to stimulate your adrenaline hormones.

By operating the Overdrive option, along with flooring the gas pedal aka kick down, the New Xpander's power gushes out at high incline angles.

But unfortunately,we've only been playing with the New Xpander for a day, it still feels unsatisfied, exploring the MPV that won the 2018 Car of The Year.

There are several things that still make us curious, such as how it feels like the stability at high speed, what is the level of body roll. How much fuel consumption and others.

We hope that next time, we will have longer time so that the accuracy and sensation of driving with the New Xpander is well recorded at Otojatim.com.(*)