Toyota New Yaris 2023 With A Sportier Look, Well-Matched For Young Souls And Those Being Different

Toyota New Yaris 2023 Indonesia

Jakarta, – PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) continues to make improvements to the Toyota Yaris and presents the 2023 model for the Indonesian market with a number of enhancements. This brings the existence of the hatchback that has now hit its 17th year and has sold more than 10 million units globally.

The Toyota New Yaris 2023 model was officially introduced to customers today, May 10, 2023, and got refinements to the exterior and interior sides. This car that first existed in Indonesia in 2006 and up to March 2023 sold more than 211 thousand units (wholesales) coming with an agile driving identity and a sense of excitement, now has transformed into a sportier car that is suitable for those who are youthful and want to be different.

The Marketing Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor Anton Jimmi Suwandy expressed that Toyota constantly commits to delivering mobility solutions that can provide a distinct driving experience which is safe and comfortable.

"Toyota commits to providing Mobility for All, where we provide a broad selection of vehicles in each market segment and various technology options. As in this Toyota New Yaris 2023 which we also expect can meet customers’ needs, especially those who have a young soul and want to feel a different sensation with a hatchback that is agile, fun to drive, and has a way sportier appearance," Anton said, today.

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Toyota New Yaris is now sportier, thanks to the use of Black Grill Color, and has new color options (two tones) to complete the existing color alternatives. The Toyota New Yaris has six color options: Super White II, Attitude Black Mica, and Gray Mica. While for the two-tone option includes a combination of Black + Super White II, Black + Red Mica Metallic, and Black + Citrus Mica Metallic.

The sporty feelings on the Toyota New Yaris are getting more assertive because of the New Tape Striped installment which is suitable for those who are young and have a unique taste.

In the interior, the Toyota New Yaris is equipped with the New Advanced Infotainment System that can be connected to smartphones. The head unit screen size is now bigger from 7 inches to 9 inches Audio+AACP and 9 inches Audio HU Opening Cluster.

Getting Cozier with New Seat Cover Material
To give the driver and passengers more convenience, there are advancements in the seat material which now uses half fabric half leather for variants with three airbags, and full leather for ones with seven airbags.

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Furthermore, the Toyota New Yaris will have a new driving experience because of the Panoramic View Monitor feature. This feature can display the top view on the navigation system screen, and the driver can see the surroundings as if it were transparent. This feature provides convenience when maneuvering in narrow road terrains.

Toyota Yaris, which has existed for a dozen years in Indonesia, proves that this car is one of people’s favorite vehicle choices. Aside from product quality, Toyota commits to providing Peace of Mind services, including affordable aftersales.

"We are surely very grateful to customers, mainly the younger generation, who have entrusted Yaris from generation to generation as a reliable hatchback in fulfilling various mobility needs. We are again making improvements to Yaris to complete the evolving mobility needs of our customers, who always have young souls and different styles," said Anton.

The Support of T-Intouch
As a commitment to providing the best service to customers, the Toyota New Yaris model 2023 is supported by telematics technology, T-Intouch. By mToyota, owners can connect with their vehicle and access various information, such as service reminders, vehicle information, Find My Car, and Toyota Call Center and Road Assistance services to furnish Peace of Mind services that deliver Total Ownership Experience to customers.

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"The presence of Toyota New Yaris model 2023 once again shows our commitment to not only offer products but also Peace of Mind services that provide Total Ownership Experience to customers. We will not stop providing the best mobility solutions with miscellaneous products with many technology options, as well as varied programs/services as a state to the actualization of Mobility for All," said Fumitaka Kawashiwa, the Marketing Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor.(*)