Introducing the Fuso Canter Bus: A Commitment to Comfortable Public Transportation and Tourism

indonesia fuso canter bus

Tangerang, - PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB) introduced the Fuso Canter Bus at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2023 (GIIAS) on Thursday, August 10, 2023. The Fuso Canter Bus not only offers advantages as a commercial vehicle but also demonstrates a commitment to serving the community.

Despite truck sales dominating the commercial vehicle market, Fuso doesn't overlook the bus segment in its lineup. The presence of the Fuso Canter Bus is evidence that Fuso acknowledges the importance of public service.

Nobukazu Tanaka, President Director of KTB, explained that this new variant, the Canter Bus, has a more spacious cabin than before to cater to the Indonesian market's preferences.

The Fuso Canter Bus provides comfort for public transportation users. The Canter FE71 chassis offers comfort to both passengers and drivers. Features like tilt and telescopic steering help drivers adjust to a comfortable position.

The Fuso Canter Bus is also equipped with features such as welcoming LED lights at the passenger door, ambience lighting, illuminated logo, 7-port USB charger on each row of seats, as well as reclining seats and safety belts.

The robust chassis allows the Fuso Canter Bus to carry passengers and cargo effectively. This variant has a high carrying capacity, making it ideal for long journeys.

Indonesian Fuso Canter Bus

Furthermore, the flexible chassis allows the seats in the last row to be shifted and folded, providing extra space for luggage.

The engine used is the 4V21-2AT4 Common Rail model with a displacement of 3,907cc, delivering 108 ps of power at 2,500 rpm and a peak torque of 31 kg.m at 2,500 rpm. With a 70-liter fuel tank capacity, the Canter Bus is suitable for long trips.

Duljatmono, Director of Marketing and Sales at PT KTB, stated that the Fuso Canter Bus is designed to meet the needs of the community. This bus responds to the dynamics of the passenger transport and tourism service market.

The Fuso Canter Bus has a capacity of 19 passengers and 1 driver with a more spacious cabin. This advantage makes the Fuso Canter Bus the preferred choice for passenger transport and tourism.

With 60 years of experience, Fuso Canter remains the preferred choice in the commercial vehicle segment. In Indonesia, Fuso Canter has been a trusted commercial vehicle since its introduction in 1970, even achieving a record sales figure of 1,000,000 units in 2017.

With its impressive achievements and continuous innovation, the Fuso Canter Bus remains an unparalleled choice for passenger transport and tourism services.