Launch of Electrification Learning Facility in Indonesia

Toyota Electrification Learning Facility in Indonesia

Karawang, - Today (Thursday/19 May 2022) the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia inaugurated the "xEV Center" which is a learning and development facility for electrification and green energy capabilities owned by PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN).

“In the midst of the Government's efforts to create environmentally friendly vehicles, the construction of the xEV Center by TMMIN plays an important role in educating and inspiring the public, including the next generation, to innovate and develop electrification vehicle technology in the country. We hope that the Toyota xEV Center can become a catalyst for technology development and industrialization of electrified vehicles in Indonesia," said the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita in his written remarks.

Toyota Present with Futuristic Booth and e-Pallete Special Exhibit

Indonesia is entering the momentum of a transition to low-emission transportation that is more environmentally friendly. President Joko Widodo has also ratified a Presidential Regulation (Perpres) on the Economic Value of Carbon (NEK) which will reduce carbon emissions by 41% with international support by 2030.

Active participation from all elements of society, stakeholders, and industry plays a very important role in achieving Neutrality Carbon for future sustainable living. The automotive industry has a role in disseminating understanding and knowledge to the public in depth about the importance of Indonesia's transformation into the era of electrification. All elements of society are expected to contribute to minimizing emissions by using various types of electrified vehicles.
Economic Value of Carbon
“The xEV Center is a tangible manifestation of the positive triple helix collaboration and synergy between the Government, Academics, and the Automotive Industry. We fully support the government in its ongoing efforts to achieve the Carbon Neutrality target, therefore our xEV Center is developed as part of the electrification era ecosystem through public advocacy on various electrification options and technologies. Toyota believes that achieving Carbon Neutrality there must be practical and sustainable solutions through various technology options (multi pathways) such as vehicles with high fuel efficiency, Flexi Engine (bio-fuel), HEV, PHEV, BEV, and FCEV that are hydrogen fueled in accordance with consumer needs and conditions in Indonesia," said Warih Andang Tjahjono, President Director of PT TMMIN.

xEV Center Development Philosophy
xEV Center was established at the TMMIN Karawang 3 factory site with a current area of 600 m2. The construction process for the first phase has been ongoing since July 2020. The architectural form of the xEV Center with the Triangle Shape pattern is inspired by the triple helix collaboration.

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The letter x in front of EV as an extension of electrification is a manifestation of the various electrification technologies that already exist. The letter x shows the flexibility of electrified vehicles so that they can use a variety of technology options, including hybrid, battery, plug-in, and also fuel cells, so that the xEV Center can support public advocacy with a variety of electrification technology information.

The xEV Center will also later become an educational facility that can be easily accessed by the entire public, both for the Government, academics, school students, and the general public. The presence of the xEV Center aims to increase public awareness of the importance of achieving a greener environment through the presence of various electrification technologies in Indonesia.
Outdoor Charging Station
Toyota Indonesia's step towards the era of electrification in Indonesia is carried out by considering many things, ranging from supply chain readiness, human resources to after-sales service. Toyota Indonesia believes that there must be practical and sustainable solutions by combining various options and technologies such as LCGC, flexy-engine, HEV, PHEV, BEV, and PHEV to suit the diverse needs of consumers.

The transition of human resources, technology, and supply chain readiness in facing the era of electrification is expected to increase national economic growth for the 1.5 million human resources in it from the upstream to downstream sectors.

xEV Center facilities
In Phase One, the xEV Center is focused on presenting various information related to electrification with various facilities including 1. HEV, PHEV, BEV Showcase & Driving Experience, 2. xEV Cut Body, 3. xEV Main Component (Battery, Power Control Unit (PCU), Transaxle) and 4. Outdoor Charging Station.

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To make it easier for the public to understand the latest variety of information related to electrification, the detailed presentation at the xEV Center is divided into several zones including:

Zone 1 - Environmental Initiatives consists of an explanation of global environmental conditions and the Paris Agreement which is the basis for the national target to achieve carbon neutrality. This zone also explains the energy roadmap in Indonesia to support efforts to create a greener environment. As well as Toyota's active participation in the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.
Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050
Zone 2 – Technology. This zone consists of an explanation of the classification of ICE and xEV vehicles accompanied by a video to show how xEV works to make it easier for the public to understand the xEV vehicle transmission process. In addition, in the technology zone there is also an xEV Cut Body display like the Prius and the Mirai will follow, to illustrate the energy simulation of an xEV vehicle.

The main components of xEV vehicles are also explained through wallcharts and displays. Detailed explanations of components can also be accessed through today's technology, namely using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
Zone 3 – Green Ecosystem. In this zone an explanation of the concept of well to wheel emission is easy to understand. The xEV ecosystem, charging types, and electricity equipment are also available in the green ecosystem zone. The display of PHEV vehicles and charging stations can be easily seen by visitors in this zone. As well as the use of xEV as a power source and vehicle life cycle as well as a complete 3R process battery is presented.

Zone 4 – Sustainable Communities. This is the last zone in the xEV Center which summarizes Toyota Indonesia's activities with the Government and Academics in realizing the transformation towards the era of electrification. In this zone, a summary of Toyota Indonesia's collaboration initiatives since 2018 with a number of universities in Indonesia (UI, LPEM UI, ITB, UGM, UNS, ITS, Udayana University, and Diponegoro University) which have produced a number of useful research in the field of electrification.

In addition to the 4 knowledge zones aimed at providing education, visitors can also experience the real and sensation of driving using various types of electrified vehicle technology options in the Driving Experience area and charging facilities are also presented through the Outdoor Charging Station.

Next Phase of xEV Center Construction
In the future, the xEV Center will improve its facilities as a Toyota Capability Center by expanding the Eco-Renewable Energy and Research area, followed by the Mobility area. With the main focus on technology electrification in the first phase, a focus on green energy will be TMMIN's target in the second phase of the xEV Center construction while Mobility will be the focus in the third phase.

In the green energy phase, various technologies and facilities whose energy sources come from renewable energy such as Hydroelectric Power Plants (PLTA), windmills, waterwheels, hydrogen, and solar panels will be presented at the xEV Center to show the electrification ecosystem from upstream to downstream. Meanwhile, in the Mobility phase, the xEV Center will present a showcase on the Intelligent Transport System.

"xEV Center will become a Learning, Capability and Research Facility for Electrification, Green Energy, and Mobility Technology as a means for Indonesian human resources to deepen their understanding of the technology and ecosystem of the automotive industry in the future so that Indonesia continues to be an important part of the world automotive industry," concluded Bob Azam Director of Corporate Affairs of PT TMMIN.(*)