Hyundai Stargazer Teaser Incoming!


Jakarta, Many people are waiting for the presence of low MPV from Hyundai, which will soon be present. Indeed, the arrival of LMPV has been awaited by all people, including the South Korean manufacturer.

Indeed, this car is conducting a road test estimated to have reached hundreds of thousands of kilometers to prove its ability to devour the famous streets in Indonesia, which is renowned for being a challenge for the manufacturer.

Precisely the surprise was present on Hyundai Motors Indonesia Instagram accounts and several other automotive accounts, including the silhouette of the Hyundai Stargazer itself. Just imagine this car's shape like a combination of a concept car and a model that has been sold before, Staria.

The front fascia adopted LED with a straight line as if it was futuristic. Plus, the shape is half rounded, giving a broad and unique impression. Besides that, the front headlamp adopted the model from a famous SUV in Indonesia, Hyundai Creta. Most of the dashboards will likely be the same as other Hyundai models.

Problem specs, both engine and features, are not known with certainty. But in terms of the motor, it will be the same as the model in class even though it is still secret for features. Moreover, the price will also be different.