Why Hyundai Creta are not sold in Australia?

Melbourne, Hyundai Creta has been marketed in Indonesia and gets the most incredible welcome until this car can nudge the ruler of the Compact SUV market, the Honda HR-V. Although the elbowing between the two continues, the market penetration, predominantly domestic and foreign, exceeds expectations.

Indeed, Hyundai only markets this car in Indonesia, ASEAN, and several African and Middle Eastern countries. Although this car in India is also available in different models compared to the Indonesian version.

So, why is this car not marketed in the land of kangaroos? Where did Hyundai gain positive results with several of their SUV models? Though the potential of this car is so enormous like his brother, Kia, with its Seltos. Besides, they have a portfolio product with an identical product. 

Indeed, Hyundai Australian only markets Tucson, Santa Fe, Kona, Venue, and Palisade SUVs. Whereas Creta is sold only in Asian and African markets, including India and Indonesia, as a place to produce this car.

Kona is still available in the Australian market.

Seeing the Australian market that continues to grow in the SUV model, they want to present the model as mentioned above. Only, even a model like Creta will not be present in the Australian market.

Because its presence can interfere with models like venues and even Kona itself. Kona's price has touched 290 million or 29 thousand Australian dollars.

While the venue is predicted as the cheapest SUV model, that is not cheap either. Starting from the price of 240 million, maybe this makes this car an affordable SUV.

After all, in the car's dimensions, both have striking differences. Creta itself is greater than the venue. But the platform's price is still affordable even though it has touched 200 million and above.

While the engine itself, the venue still uses a 1,600 cc engine capacity and 1,500 cc Creta. Basically, Hyundai Venue is still bigger than Creta from the eye of engine displacement.

Indeed, the car segment in Australia for Hyundai seems unique and different. Even among the models circulating in Indonesia or other Asian countries, it will not exist in Australia and vice versa. Although for the electric car itself, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Ioniq are available there.