Perodua Alza is Better Than Daihatsu Xenia?

Malaysia, The latest product from Perodua, known to be legendary, namely Alza, will glide soon. The promotion was also intensively done by displaying the best features and other advantages.

Although this latest generation of Perodua Alza has used the newest chassis model. Where to take the base of Daihatsu Xenia - Toyota Avanza. However, the developed features are also more valuable than Daihatsu Xenia.

Is this a sign that Daihatsu has to add a similar feature for Daihatsu Xenia likewise Perodua with Alza?

A rhetorical question, but we can ask it in the current low MPV segment. Moreover, this segment began to enter rivals from South Korea, like Hyundai with the Stargazer, which will soon be launching.

Besides Hyundai, there is also Kia Carens, but not directly faced with its competitors. Plus Xpander hegemony with Xpander Cross, which is currently the best-selling hunted by the community.

So, does Daihatsu need a little preening by adding all the features pinned in Perodua? Maybe, the addition of features such as 360-degree cameras or safety embedded in all types.

It feels this has become a safety standard, no longer the gimmick feature or other things. While features like the 360 ​​camera itself are very much needed. Especially until there is a cruise control everything.

Considering competitors are preening with such abundant features, it is time for Daihatsu Xenia to have other low MPV car features.Perodua Alza is better than Daihatsu Xenia if they both rivalry in Malaysia.