New Engine for ‘Delica’ L300 Indonesia Market

Jakarta, How legendary is the engine from the Colt L300? Surely many know about the L300 engine, ranging from a timeless diesel engine eaten to the strength of the engine can carry a lot of goods and even ordinary diesel fuel is held by this machine.

No wonder many entrepreneurs buy cars like L300 for operational reasons and maintenance, which are cheaper. Then, with a total refreshment, this time can compensate or exceed the achievements of its predecessor.

Considering the most legendary engine used and known rhino until now. Yes, the 4D56 code is the most rhino's engine and until now still exists even though the other model has changed the engine for exhaust emissions.

4N14 diesel engine is the answer to Indonesia's Euro 4 exhaust emission regulation. Because this engine is relatively new and assembly in Indonesia is not ready, this car automatically must be exported from the Philippines. Where this country has adopted Euro 4 for vehicles such as L300.

About the body, don't ask. It's definitely the same shape and a slight change. The most interior changes in the speedometer and head unit along with speakers. While the capacity of the tub is indeed more significant than the previous model. This impacts the ability to carry the power to be more effective for now.

Regarding the engine, of course, more excellent with power reaching 99.25 PS and a torque of 200 Nm. Thanks to the common-rail technology injection turbocharger, such an enormous power is paired on a 4N14-coded engine.

Unfortunately, with Euro 4, this car will use more diesel-like Dex or Dexlite. We'll see the business owner's comment about the latest machine from L300.