Indonesia Honda CB 650 R Neo Cafe Full Specification Analysis

Honda CB 650 R Neo Cafe

Mitra Pinasthika Mulia (MPM), sole distributor of Honda motorbikes and spare parts for the East Java and NTT regions, invited journalists to conduct a technology analysis of the CB650R at MPM Big Bike Lounge, Surabaya city - Indonesia.

Gives the energy and style of the Neo Sport Cafe concept. This model expresses a sporty, modern sensation and is able to increase the adrenaline level through its great strength.

"We want to get closer to media friends as well as introduce Honda CB650R technology more closely," said Vinensia Kenanga as Corporate Secretary Head of MPM when opening the workshop. Quoted from

The sophistication and features of the Honda CB650R were conveyed by the Big Bike MPM Honda East Java mechanic Dodik Kuswinarno who was the first winner in the Honda mechanical contest in Asia Pacific.
Honda CB650R 2020 specifications
This motorbike is made to bring high pleasure and sensation to riders who want to look unique and different.

The Neo Sport Cafe concept is so inspired by the classic round LED headlamp design. Including embedding LEDs and clear lenses in the twilight lights, rear lights, turn signals to produce modern lighting.

Showa 41mm inverted telescopic front suspension technology makes handling stable. The rear suspension with aluminum swing arms presents a curved shape with the bow above the exhaust on the right side. The rear suspension has settings of up to 10 levels according to the needs of the rider.

This model has an assist slipper clutch feature, which makes the clutch lever lighter than the total and reduces the effect of engine break when shifting quickly.

This latest edition of the Honda CB650R is enhanced with a full digital panel meter which has blue lighting on a wide speedometer, a new display showing the Gear Position and Shift Up Indicator. This information complements the information on engine speed, speed, odometer, fuel, trip meter, average fuel consumption, and a timepiece that gives a more sophisticated impression.
Advantages of Honda CB650R 2020
Wide handle bar
The use of a flat handle bar that optimizes the driving triangle provides a more aggressive sensation but is still comfortable for driving long and near distances. One of its superior features is the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which functions to adjust engine power by optimizing the torque at the rear wheels and reducing slippage on the rear wheels.

There is also an Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) which supports safety when braking suddenly. ESS will automatically activate hazard lights so that it can give warnings to drivers behind the vehicle to avoid possible accidents.

The up-side down suspension reduces vibration better and handling is more stable.

Apart from a sexy design, the Honda CB650R has high performance thanks to the 4-cylinder 650cc DOHC 6-Speed ​​engine. This motor is capable of spewing out power of 66.5 kW / 11,000 rpm (almost 90 dk) and a strong torque of 60.7 Nm / 8,000 rpm.

This model has a fuel tank capacity of 15.4L and meets Euro 3 standards. The compact under belly exhaust model adds a masculine impression while boosting optimal performance at the bottom-center rotation and producing a classy sound.

The sturdy elliptical diamond steel frame design is designed to give a compact impression.

The driving position is slightly inclined towards the front, placing the rider close to the front wheels. While the rear seat position provides sufficient space supported by straps for security. A snug rider seat profile helps reach the foot to the ground, with a seat height of 810mm.
Honda CB650R 2020 price
The aluminum rims use the front tire size 120/70-R17 and the rear tire size 180/55-R17.

Braking functions are even more precise thanks to the front brake calipers with four pistons with 310mm disc and single piston rear brake with 240mm disc assisted by 2-channel ABS technology installed as standard.

Available in two colors, Candy Chromosphere Red and Graphite Black, the Honda CB650R is marketed at Surabaya price of  IDR 295,000,000 or about USD $19,846
price of Honda CB 650 R neo cafe