Indonesian Hyundai Stargazer interior silhouette reflects the convenience of an MPV

hyundai stargazer captain seat

Jakarta, - The presence of Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) type vehicles is increasingly in demand by Indonesians. From the beginning of its existence in 1970-1980 in Indonesia, MPV provided a concept as a vehicle with a large capacity, and ability to carry many passengers.

The idea presented by MPV vehicles in Indonesia is starting to be accepted by the public because it suits the characteristics of Indonesians who like to travel with family.

Hyundai Stargazer Teaser Incoming!

Along with the growth of MPV market vehicles in Indonesia, several complementary features appear to add a sense of comfort and pamper every passenger. To support comfort and meet the daily needs activities, there are several things that customers must consider before choosing to buy an MPV vehicle. The following are 3 (three) features in MPV, which are more comfortable to use for families.

Spacious Cabin
Typically, MPV is used to accommodate the daily mobility needs of families. MPV is expected to have a spacious cabin with at least three rows of passenger seats, comfortable head space, and legroom for each row.
hyundai stargazer interior

Practical Storage
Furthermore, the extra storage space has always supported the convenience users are looking for. Some storage spaces supporting this convenience include a small tray, cup holder, extra pockets, and a folding table. The compartments, as mentioned, make the user even more comfortable in their MPV.

Captain Seat: Adds Comfort and Premium Impression
Today, many MPV products with premium looks and various advanced features add convenience. One of the premium features starting to be offered in an MPV is Captain Seat, a seat in the second row that is separated from the right and left.

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Captain Seat can maximize interior space to be spacious and create a greater sense of open space. It is equipped with armrests, which make passengers' hands more relaxed, moreover, seat configurations can be adjusted forward, backward, upright, or reclined. Passengers who will sit in the third row have easier access due to the space in the middle.

With these various advantages, Captain Seat is one of the features that can increase the comfort of MPV users. Captain Seat itself will be present in Hyundai MPV products which will soon be launched in Indonesia: Hyundai Stargazer. This feature makes passengers feel more comfortable and does not feel tired on long-distance trips, which suits Indonesian families who like high mobility and travel long distances.
hyundai stargazer indonesia

HMID will officially announce the vehicle specifications, features, and prices to the Indonesians in the future.(*)