Reliable But Forgotten, A Toyota Kijang Innova 2.7 Story

Jakarta, Toyota has presented a 2.7 variant at Kijang Innova. This model is only available in the highest type, and the price is very high in His time. Where when the first generation of Kijang Innova came with three engine choices, the first 2.0 gasoline, the second 2.5 diesel, and finally 2.7 gasoline.

Code 2TR-FE engine, actually the Innova Kijang Machine, is pretty fitting and matches the shape of the Innova body at that time. Where the weight of the Kijang Innova is more than 1 ton and requires an engine with enormous power and torque to offset the importance of the car itself. Also, the 2,700 engine itself was not too wasteful for the size of the Kijang Innova car at that time.

However, problems arise because people prefer to buy cars at affordable prices and with the right engine combination and not too big. Of course, the main reason is tax!

Yes, taxes for machines with engine lubrication above 2,000 cc feels expensive, and the price set even then for family cars almost touched 300 million rupiahs. So, the size of the Kijang Innova is too costly.

The engine's power reaches 161 hp and 202 Nm of torque. It was enough to carry the body of the big car. In addition, the interior for the 2.7 variant itself is more luxurious and feels very different than type V 2.0 or 2.5 diesel.

Because it has applied Captain Seat and Leather throughout the car seat, his appearance looks pretty luxurious. It feels like no one is rivaling Moden V 2.7 in its class. Unfortunately, a stigma among users and buyers of this car based on the engine would be more costly than any other people's buyout. 

Because the stigma above makes the stock of this car feel very little, and it's hard to find it. Happens that the price installed is even higher than other engine variants.