Officially Launched: All New Honda Civic Type R, The Fastest and Most Aerodynamic Civic Yet

All New Honda Civic Type R, Indonesia

Jakarta, - PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) officially launched the latest generation of the All New Honda Civic Type R sports car on March 30, 2023, in Jakarta. This car has an even more aerodynamic and aggressive design, with the most powerful engine, making the All New Honda Civic Type R the fastest Civic model ever made by Honda.

The Type R variant is a type of Honda car designed with inspiration from a racing car. This variant was first introduced for the Honda NSX in 1992 as a Honda sports car focused on speed and the incredible driving pleasure of a racing car. After that, the Type R variant also appeared for models such as the Honda Integra and Honda Accord. The Honda Civic itself first had a Type R variant in 1997 and is now in its 6th generation.

Honda Racing WTCR

Unlike other Honda variants, each Type variant has a red Honda emblem logo that was previously only used on Honda racing cars that competed in racing championships. Moreover, to emphasize its character as a sports car, the Type R variant also has an exclusive color, Championship White, inherited from the Honda F1 racing car.

The latest generation of the All New Honda Civic Type R was first launched in Japan in September 2022 and was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm by its fans worldwide. Last year, the All New Honda Civic Type R won prestigious awards such as Car of the Year Japan, Best Car to Buy from Motor Authority, Top Gear Magazine's Hot Hatch of the Year, and the highest award as Car of The Year.
All New Civic Type R gen 6

The All New Honda Civic Type R features a 2.0-liter VTEC Turbo engine that can produce a maximum power of 319 PS, an increase of 9 PS from the previous generation, and a maximum torque of 420 Nm, an increase of 20 Nm from the previous generation.

With the most powerful engine power, the All New Honda Civic Type R broke the record as the fastest front-wheel-drive car at the Suzuka circuit in Japan, with a lap time of 2 minutes 23.120 seconds. This record beat the previous record, which was also held by the Honda Civic Type R.

Not only in terms of performance, but the All New Civic Type R is also equipped with various new and advanced technologies, such as the LogR feature as a driving guide that can be personalized and functions to record and analyze accurate driver lap times.

The driving experience with the All New Civic Type R is also more personalized with a new feature, Individual Mode, which can adjust engine performance according to the driver's character. Additionally, for the first time, the Honda SENSING safety feature is also available on the Civic Type R.
All New Civic Type R 2023

The President Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor, Kotaro Shimizu, revealed that the All New Honda Civic Type R is a Honda sports car with Pure Sport character that is the pinnacle of Honda's products.

"The Civic Type R was first inspired by Honda's racing heritage and successfully brought the spirit of Honda's racing DNA perfectly. He is proud that Honda can bring the latest generation of the Civic Type R to Indonesia and believes that this new model will be well received by Honda fans in Indonesia," said Shimizu.

Meanwhile, the Director of Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing at PT Honda Prospect Motor, Yusak Billy, stated that the Honda Civic Type R has many loyal fans in Indonesia. For Honda car owners, having a car with the same Sport DNA as the Civic Type R is a source of pride.

"Today, Honda is also proud to deliver the first 10 units of the All New Civic Type R to customers and is trying as quickly as possible to fulfill customer demand by delivering the next units," promised Billy.

The Type R variant inspired Honda to develop various car variants with similar sports characters. In Indonesia, Honda has an RS variant with "Everyday Sport".(*)