Unveiling Lexus Electrified: The All New Lexus LM and Electrified Lineup Shine at GIIAS 2023

launch lexus lm indonesia 2023

Otojatim.com - Lexus Indonesia is participating in the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2023, taking place from August 10th to August 20th, 2023, at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD, Tangerang, Banten.

Located in hall 7D with a booth area of 1,240 square meters, Lexus is embracing the concept in line with the Lexus Electrified vision and the commitment to Making Luxury Personal to reinforce its leadership in electrification technology.

At this year's GIIAS, Lexus is showcasing a display of entirely electrified vehicles, including the debut of The First-ever Hybrid Luxury Mover, The All New Lexus LM, which is being presented in Indonesia for the first time.

Bansar Maduma, General Manager of Lexus Indonesia, stated, 'We are showcasing a total of 11 display units, all of which are electrified vehicles, including some of the latest Lexus models launched this year, such as The All New Lexus RX with comprehensive powertrains, and the Lexus First Dedicated BEV Model, The All New Lexus RZ. Specifically at GIIAS 2023, Lexus is introducing for the first time in Indonesia, The First-ever Hybrid Luxury Mover, The All New Lexus LM. Its presence marks that Lexus is the only luxury automotive brand with 90% of offered models featuring electrification technology,' said Bansar.

The All New Lexus LM is a Luxury Mover supported by various enhancements and new technologies compared to its predecessor.

Offering comfort and convenience, this second-generation LM has been developed with a focus on creating optimal comfort, catering to users seeking complete luxury. It is suitable for those who want to relax akin to a first-class experience or those needing privacy to work or conduct business.

In terms of design, The All New Lexus LM embodies the 'next-chapter' design evolution that began with The All New NX in 2022. Now, the Lexus 'L' logo is positioned on the front engine hood, and lines emphasize the spindle body concept.

This final evolution will be first applied to The All New Lexus LM and will continue with other new models that will enrich the Lexus lineup in Indonesia.

Beyond design, the LM's evolution introduces several new features that are world-firsts and also firsts within the Lexus lineup. These new features focus on enhancing passenger comfort and personalization. For example, adaptive damping force maximizes dampening to provide maximum comfort.

In addition to comfort, personalization is also a focus of The All New LM in indulging passengers. For instance, there's a 48-inch Ultrawide Display on the flagship 4-seater variant, offering an immersive experience while on the move. It can also be divided into two separate visuals for the left and right passengers. Additionally, the Integrated Climate Concierge detects temperatures in the passenger area and automatically adjusts to maximize intuitive comfort.

Aside from showcasing The All New Lexus LM and other electrified Lexus display units, at the GIIAS 2023 event, Lexus is also launching the Lexus Collection, offering Official Lexus Merchandise for Lexus Enthusiasts. This collection is available for the first time in Indonesia and can be ordered at GIIAS 2023.

"The seriousness of Lexus in realizing the Lexus Electrified vision and the commitment to Making Luxury Personal is increasingly evident through the presence of a more comprehensive lineup of electrified vehicles. Lexus not only offers electrified vehicle products but now also offers the first Lexus lifestyle products in Indonesia specifically for Lexus Enthusiasts. We hope that in the future, Lexus can continue to consistently provide the best options for customers and the Indonesian community, contributing to a carbon-neutral society," concluded Bansar.

Come and experience Amazing at the Lexus booth during the GIIAS 2023 event from August 10th to August 20th, 2023, at Hall 7D, Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD, Tangerang, Banten. Also, visit the Lexus Galleries located in Menteng, Mampang, and Pluit for more information.