Yamaha Unveils LEXi LX 155: A Fusion of Power, Style, and Smart Connectivity for the Modern Rider

yamaha lexi 155 indonesia

Jakarta, Otojatim.com - On Friday (12/1/2024) in Jakarta, Yamaha sought to address consumer demand for a practical premium scooter to meet the active, sporty, and modern lifestyle. That's why the LEXi LX 155 is presented with the concept of "Simple but MAXi."

"Interestingly, the LEXi LX 155 Series has adopted the latest generation Blue Core 155cc VVA engine with minimal vibration and friction, making the acceleration and performance of the scooter more powerful and responsive. This latest scooter also features the characteristic LEXi advantage of a flat and spacious footboard," said Dyonisius Beti, President Director & CEO of PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

On paper, the Yamaha LEXi LX 155 is capable of producing a maximum power of 11.3 kW/8000 rpm and a maximum torque of 14.2 Nm/6500 rpm. The LEXi LX 155 engine also incorporates VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) technology, SOHC, 4 valves, and liquid cooling.

Advanced features are also integrated, such as the Stop & Start System that enhances fuel efficiency, Smart Motor Generator that smoothens the motor's sound when started, Electric power socket for charging gadgets, Smart Key System (keyless), and an Answer Back System.

For the LEXi LX 155 Connected ABS series, there is an ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) braking system, making braking more optimal and comfortable.

Speaking of riding comfort, the LEXi still carries its distinctive feature, a flat footboard with a spacious and ergonomic legroom. Riding comfort is further enhanced with the introduction of a new, lower, and slimmer seat design for better tandem riding.

In terms of the scooter's chassis, it is equipped with Sub-Tank Suspension, providing optimal damping to support a more comfortable riding experience on various road conditions. The wide tubeless tires have a front size of 90/90 – 14” and a rear size of 100/90 – 14”.

Another advantage is that the LEXi LX 155 is the lightest scooter in the MAXi Yamaha category, weighing between 116-118 kg. In other words, the LEXi LX 155 is more maneuverable on the road and easy to park.

In terms of the motor's body, both the front and rear lights use LED technology for better brightness and durability. Additionally, the V-Lines shaped blue lenses on the front light add a modern touch, along with a full LCD speedometer with an informative futuristic design.

Not to be overlooked, the Y-Connect application connects the motor's S-CCU with the smartphone, allowing users to access various useful information such as motor maintenance recommendations, fuel consumption, last parking location, malfunction notifications, message and call notifications on the speedometer, driving-related rankings (mileage and fuel consumption), riding log or travel history, and an attractive Revs Dashboard.

The LEXi LX 155 is available in three variants: LEXi LX 155 Connected ABS in Magma Black, LEXi LX 155 S Version in Magma Black, Elixir Dark Silver, and Matte Red, and LEXi LX 155 in Metallic Black, Matte Grey, and Metallic Red.

The Yamaha LEXi LX 155 Connected ABS is priced at IDR 29,900,000 OTR Jakarta, the LEXi LX 155 S version at IDR 26,850,000 OTR Jakarta, and the LEXi LX 155 at IDR 25,350,000 OTR Jakarta.