Debunking the Rumors: The Real Cost of Charging Wuling Air EV at Shell Recharge

There is a rumor that charging the Wuling Air EV battery at the Shell SPKLU (Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station) costs up to IDR 850,000 to reach a full charge. Is this true?

Shell Recharge facility clarification - Recently, a complaint surfaced on social media from an owner of the Wuling Air EV electric car about the high cost of battery charging.

In a short video, a man with the TikTok username julioekspor explained that he paid IDR 85,000 at Shell Recharge for a 30-minute charging session. However, his car was only charged by 10 percent.

According to his calculations, charging the Air EV battery to full would cost him IDR 850,000, significantly more expensive than fueling a gasoline-powered car.

When asked about the viral video, Dian Kusumadewi, Vice President Marketing Mobility Shell Indonesia, stated that the information spread is not true or inaccurate.

In reality, the Shell Recharge facility can be used by purchasing a package at Deli To GO outlets.

"The Deli To Go package is priced at IDR 85,000, where you will get coffee and pastry, and enjoy 30 minutes of free charging facility," said Dian.

Racecar driver and automotive YouTuber Fitra Eri also commented on this issue. Through his social media, Eri clarified the misunderstandings.
Wuling Air EV charging cost

"So, the IDR 85,000 actually gets you a 30-minute charging opportunity, 5 mini pastries, and 2 cups of coffee. Now, the value of the mini pastries and coffee is around IDR 90,000. In other words, IDR 85,000 is like buying food and drinks with the bonus of charging the car," he explained.

Eri further explained that the Shell Recharge station at Shell gas stations uses a fast charging specification of 50 kWh. This means, in 30 minutes, you get a total of 25 kWh.

"But, the Wuling Air EV cannot be charged up to 50 kW. It can only handle around 7 kW. In other words, in half an hour, you only get 3 kWh. Or just 10-15 percent of this car's battery capacity," he said.

That's why customers only get a small amount of electricity because the Wuling Air EV is not compatible with fast charging. The charging socket for the Wuling Air EV uses a GB/T connector type that does not support DC fast charging equipment.

"So, if you want to charge the Wuling Air EV, I recommend doing it at home. From 0 to 100 percent, it won't cost more than IDR 50,000," he concluded at the end of the video.(*)