Mercedes-Benz Luxury SUV Starts Assembled in Indonesia

indonesia mercedes-benz factoryDr. Claus Weidner, Head of Sales and Marketing for ASEAN 2, Guenter Haefele, President Director of PT. Mercedes-Benz Indonesia, and Roelof Lamberts, President Director of PT. Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia at the launch of the newly rolled-off Mercedes-Benz GLC at Wanaherang Plant

Bogor, - Made in Indonesia does not make luxury SUVs like the Mercy class go down in quality. Precisely with 30 percent local content, The GLC can be sold at a more competitive price.

PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia, has launched the GLC 250 (CKD) which is one of the products assembled at the Wanaherang factory, Bogor, Tuesday (24/5). There are slight changes compared to the CBU version that appear on the dashboard and console panel.

"The start of the local assembly of the Mercedes-Benz GLC is an important achievement for us and proves the high competence of the Wanaherang Plant," said Guenter Haefele, President Director of Mercedes-Benz Indonesia.

Mercedes-Benz said that The GLC will be fully assembled in Indonesia because the German manufacturer wants to participate in supporting the advancement of the automotive industry in the country.

The GLC 250 comes with an engine capacity of 2,000 cc, inline 4 cylinder, which is capable of producing 211 hp. The maximum torque of 350 Nm is paired with the latest 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission which is able to make fuel consumption efficient but can accelerate quickly and smoothly.

With the assembly of the GLC 250 in Indonesia, it will definitely make the price more friendly, and make Mercedes-Benz SUV fans curious. Unfortunately, until now the official price has not been announced. It could be that it will appear at the 2016 GIIAS event.(*)