Yamaha WR155 R, Powerful for Adventure. Most sophisticated in its class

yamaha wr155 price

After selling for a long time in Indonesia, Yamaha finally entered the trail bike segment by presenting the Yamaha WR155 R at a competitive price.

The engine is based on the same as the Yamaha R15. On Tuesday 10 March 2020, PT Surya Timur Sakti Jatim (Yamaha Jatim) officially launched the Yamaha WR 155R at Mall Royal Plasa, Surabaya.

"Yamaha presents the WR155 R with a number of significant advantages over its competitors," said GM Sales Marketing PT Surya Timur Sakti Jatim, Agung Mundi.

Yamaha's claim is true. In terms of engine, Yamaha WR155 R technology carries the latest technology compared to the Kawasaki KLX150 and Honda CRF150L.
yamaha wr 155r surabaya priceYamaha WR155 R - The Real Adventure Partner

Yamaha WR155 R is the only motorbike with injection technology that uses a radiator for cooling. With a 6 speed transmission, the WR155 R has a power of 16.7 HP / 10,000 rpm - torque of 14.3 Nm / 6500 rpm.

Can be compared with CRF150 - 12.9 HP / 8000rpm - Torque 12.43 Nm / 6500rpm and KLX150 - 11.7 HP / 8000rpm - Torque 11.3 HP / 6500rpm.

With a difference of 4-5 HP, you can imagine how cruel the Yamaha WR155 R is when invited to play mud or just adventure in semi-off road terrain. The good thing is this motorbike has a dual-purpose tire design. Yamaha WR155 R is still agile and tread well when used on asphalt roads.

"Maybe bikers don't dive every day on off-road terrain, sometimes the motorbike is also used daily. For this reason, Yamaha designed the WR155 R to still be comfortable to use on asphalt roads. This motorbike uses 6 speeds and has a huge 8.1 liter tank at most in his class. So if you want to play far away, you don't worry about going back and forth to the gas station, "explained Agung.
yamaha wr155 priceManagement of PT Surya Timur Sakti Jatim (Yamaha Jatim) officially launched the Yamaha WR 155R at Mall Royal Plaza Surabaya (10/3)

No less interesting is the speedometer sector that is MID (Multi Information Display). Far from primitive and simple words like an old dirt bike. We can find out various information that is presented digitally, including tachometer, speedometer, fuel meter, gear indicator, digital clock, average fuel consumption, trip 1, trip 2 and distance prediction like MID info on four-wheeled vehicles.

When asked why the Yamaha WR155 R still uses a telescopic suspension, it doesn't use an up-side down suspension to make it more handsome. It turns out that the Yamaha WR155 R has the advantage of using a 43 mm diameter suspension and a length of 899.1 mm. This means that it is still superior to the CRF with the 37mm diameter and the KLX 35mm.

Unfortunately, the Yamaha WR155 R is also priced the highest of the two competitors. The WR155 R is sold at a price of IDR 40 million on the road Surabaya. How? There is a price, huh?(*)