Hyundai Motors Indonesia Will Showcase Inspirational and Meaningful Experience at GIIAS 2022

Hyundai GIIAS 2022

  • Hyundai will present 10 technological and interactive areas at GIIAS 2022.
  • Located in Hall 1A with a 2,744 m² booth area, Hyundai will display 25 vehicles from Hyundai's products in Indonesia including STARGAZER and CRETA.
  • Hyundai booth will bring a massive Inspirational LED Media Wall with a size around 540 m², Hyundai Smartsense interactive area, Integrated Before Service Programs, and many more.

Jakarta, - PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) will present a series of meaningful experiences through its participation in the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2022 to strengthen its position as a game-changer in Indonesia. Hyundai’s presence at this biggest automotive event emphasizes its position in the automotive industry by presenting high-tech products for the needs of Indonesian families, such as the STARGAZER which will be officially launched for the first time.

WooJune Cha, President Director of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia said, “Hyundai has always strived to be more than just an automotive company, but also to be a provider of mobility accompanied by meaningful experiences. At Hyundai, we never stop innovating and collaborate for the future. Through GIIAS 2022, Hyundai will again emphasize its commitment by officially presenting STARGAZER, the newest MPV product for Indonesian families. This product has emerged as the new star of the family and received a very positive response from the pre-booking period even before its presence was announced.”

“Hyundai will showcase a variety of products, services, technology, and future-oriented engagement activities. We want our visitors and loyal Hyundai customers to experience Hyundai's strong philosophy of making every moment more meaningful.” continued Cha.

Located in a 2,744 m² booth area in Hall 1A International Convention Center (ICE), Hyundai will display media art that reflects the future of innovative and sustainable mobility, while reaffirming the brand vision of “Progress for Humanity” through a massive, Inspirational LED Media wall with an area of 540 m². Through this LED media wall, Hyundai shares various important elements that form a strong philosophy created by several art groups, one of which is SHUDDER, BEAMMONSTER, D’strict, and Universal Everything.

The first element from SHUDDER is the Color bubble which represents humans, expressing each person has their own color and ability, which is in line with Hyundai's corporate vision that focuses on human values. The second element is Feast of colors, which visualize how dreams can develop and change. Hyundai hopes that the dream will bloom. Then, there is Life and string with colors that pops out and change, it represents people, an expression of each person's relationship where life flows and cooperates. 

SHUDDER also shows a media art called STARGAZER, which visualizes how it will share people's dreams and the future is coming. The next art group is BEAMMONSTER who produces media art elements called steps of the future with philosophy that represent continuous challenges and developments in the future are an expression of the meaning of something. The other element, the growth of dreams represents the day when individual dreams bloom and unfold, an expression of faith and value that will come.

BEAMMONSTER also produces a media art called Waterfall that visualizes water as the source of all life to all the visitors at Hyundai Motors Indonesia booth, as if Hyundai delivers the energy of life. There is also a work of art from the Art Group D'strict, called Wave flats which visualizes constant waves which represent energy that makes people meet new hopes and courage while looking at it.

To visualize eco-friendly energy technology for a clean mobility society in the future, Hyundai also collaborates with Universal Everything that manifests its media art through Run Forever video.

At GIIAS 2022, Hyundai will bring future mobility technology closer by presenting a variety of products, services including test drives, interactive areas, and interactive sales programs. The following is complete information regarding the Hyundai Motors Indonesia exhibition at GIIAS 2022:

Element : 25 Hyundai displayed units, Consist of:
  • IONIQ 5
  • STARGAZER Special Display
  • IONIQ 5 Electric with signature from the President of the Republic of Indonesia
  • CRETA and STARGAZER for Bluelink demonstration
  • STARGAZER for Smart Sense demonstration
  • STARGAZER X The Punten, the result of an art collaboration with an artist whose work is identical tobatik exploration.

8 test-drive vehicle unit:
  • IONIQ 5

10 (ten) exhibition areas with a technological sense and interactive
  • E-GMP
  • Hyundai Bluelink area
  • Before-Service Area
  • Hyundai Smartsense Interactive Demonstration
  • Sustainability Area with various eco-friendly activities for visitors
  • The Goal Of The Century Campaign (GOTC) area which consists of a test drive campaign, Hyundai x BTS booth,
  • Sub-soccer games
  • Hyundai Sketch Town area
  • myHyundai Indonesia area
  • Kids Play Area & Nursery Room which are collaboration result between Hyundai and Mothercare
  • Interactive games for visitors that engage the LED Media Wall area.

Hyundai's Commitment to a Sustainable Lifestyle
As a brand that also has a mission for a sustainable lifestyle, Hyundai presents a sustainability area in collaboration with Plana, a social enterprise engaged in the recycling of plastic and wood grain which is then converted into sustainable building materials such as wood and brick. The Plana Area is composed of Plana Wood, a material made from the latest and environmentally friendly recycled technology. 

With an area of 45m², this area has reduced more than 400 tons of plastic waste, saved more than 280,000 trees, utilized more than 880 tons of rice grain, and helped more than 100 local farmers. In fact, the materials used in this area can later be reused and recycled to become new Plana Wood products again.

Hyundai also provides various workshop activities as a result of Hyundai's collaboration with social companies in the sustainability sector. Among them is the IONIQ 5 Charging Station Workshop which provides the experience of assembling, charging, and playing IONIQ 5 miniatures for the first 50 customers in a day during GIIAS 2022.

Furthermore, Hyundai provides an experience for visitors to be able to learn the process of making candles from soy wax with eggshell recycling containers through Hyundai x HomLab Workshop. There is also an Eco Print Workshop that allows visitors to make motifs on environmentally friendly fabrics using natural materials, as well as Paper Clay workshop activities where visitors can make flower vases, plates, and other tools using paper pulp as a step in recycling used paper. 

The area and all workshops carried out are fully powered by IONIQ 5 through the Vehicle-to-Load or V2L feature. Worry Free Program To Increase Customer Convenience During GIIAS 2022 Specifically to optimize customer convenience at GIIAS 2022, Hyundai provides a Worry Free Program, which is a combination of programs from Before Service, Hyundai Assurance Program, to spare parts. 

All of these programs can of course be enjoyed by customers who want to buy Hyundai products especially Hyundai STARGAZER and Hyundai CRETA.

Before-service service is present as a manifestation of Hyundai's global standard to provide more convenience to customers by conducting a thorough diagnosis of their vehicle, even before entering the service or routine maintenance period. This service allows customers to find out all their vehicle maintenance needs in advance, therefore before it's time for routine servicing, customers can receive maximum results and maintenance services. Before-service service can not only be enjoyed by Hyundai car owners, but also applies to various other vehicle brands.

At the Hyundai booth, there will be a dedicated before-service area for visitors to consult and to learn more about the importance of before-service for their vehicles. After that, visitors can also try the before-service service for their car because this service is also available through the Hyundai Service Point which is located at the ICE Hall 10 parking area, BSD City.

In addition to the Before Service program, HMID has also prepared various other after-sales programs such as:
  • 24 Hours Hyundai Call Center at 0-800-1-878-878
  • Basic Warranty 3 years or 100,000 km (whichever comes first)
  • Free maintenance service fee for up to 5 years or 75,000 km (whichever comes first &only for the service fee)
  • Free spare parts up to 3 years or 45,000 km (whichever comes first & follow the routine maintenance schedule for STARIA’s customers)
  • Free 24 hours Roadside Assistance (via Hyundai Call Center at 0-800-1-878-878)
  • Free 24H Emergency Mobile Charging Service during the warranty period (through Call Center Hyundai at 0-800-1-878-878 & applicable in Jabodetabek, Bandung, and Surabaya)
  • Service program Hyundai Datang ke Mana Saja (through Call Center Hyundai at 0-800-1-878-878)
  • Electric Vehicles Battery warranty 8 Years/160,000 km (for EV Customers)
  • Free AC Home Charger and installation (for every purchase of Hyundai Electric Vehicle)
  • Free portable charger (for every purchase of Hyundai Electric Vehicle)

Furthermore, one of the Worry Free Program is an owner assurance program that offers various benefits to STARGAZER owners. This program applies to customers who make purchases from July to December 2022, which includes:
  • Payment Protection Program*:guarantee financing repayment during the tenor period for STARGAZER owners in the event of an accident. Applicable specifically for financing through Hyundai Finance.
  • Customer Protection Program*: Guarantee of financing repayment during the tenor period for STARGAZER owners in the event of an accident. Applicable specifically for financing through Hyundai Finance.
  • New STARGAZER Replacement Guarantee*, guaranteed replacement of a new car of the same type, color, and specifications if your STARGAZER car is damaged, at least 75%. Valid for up to 1 year after the car is shipped.
  • Resale Value Guarantee*: Hyundai guarantees a STARGAZER car resale price of 70% of the purchase price if the customer wishes to trade in with any Hyundai car in the 3rd year of ownership. In addition, Hyundai provides various other attractive programs for customers who want to purchase the Hyundai STARGAZER, namely:
  • • Free spare parts fee for periodic maintenance for 3+1 years or 60,000 (whichever comes first)
  • • Basic Warranty for 3+1 years or 100,000 KM (whichever comes first).
  • • Free maintenance services for 5 years or 75,000 (whichever comes first).

Special Program during GIIAS 2022
As for the sales program specially created by Hyundai for GIIAS 2022, as follows :
  • The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Final Ticket #TeamCentury Program, where all Hyundai STARGAZER orders made at GIIAS have the opportunity to win a Travel package prize to watch the 2022 World Cup Final live in Qatar.
  • The Goal of The Century program, where participants for the Hyundai unit test drive at GIIAS have the opportunity to become participants in the Goal of The Century program, simply by sharing photos as creatively as possible when doing a test drive on the MyHyundai Indonesia application. The prize that can be won is a ticket to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifying match in Qatar.
  • CRETA Lucky Draw Program, where all test drive participants and Hyundai CRETA orders at GIIAS have the opportunity to take part in the lottery with prizes totaling 2 CRETA units, 30pcs Samsung Galaxy Buds, and 100 E-Money worth IDR 1,000,000
  • Lucky Dip with a total prize of billions of rupiah, all orders for Hyundai STARGAZER, CRETA, and STARIA at the Hyundai Booth at GIIAS have the opportunity to take part in the Lucky Dip program with prizes of Samsung Galaxy Fold, Poled Car Seat, E-Money, or Pertamina Voucher with a total prize of billions of Rupiah.

Visit the Hyundai Motors Indonesia booth at GIIAS 2022, ICE BSD City in Hall 1A, from 11-21 August for a more meaningful experience and test-drive the latest Hyundai vehicles.

Also follow the latest information regarding Hyundai activities and products on the HMID official website at PT. Hyundai Motors Indonesia Wisma Mulia, Lantai 25, Jl Gatot Subroto No. 42, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12710.(*)