Citroen Comeback to Indonesia with Citroen C3

Citroen C3 Indonesia

Jakarta, - Citroen may not have been heard for a long time in Indonesia. This product is still a country with other products such as Peugeot, which still exists today. Then, this product itself has its own impression compared to other French products.

How can they come back to Indonesia after not reappearing for so long? Before they came back to the Indonesian market, they went in the '70s and '80s era, and suddenly they disappeared. In fact, their return began with an Instagram account Citroen Indonesia appeared with several opening posts. Indeed, it does not display products, only shows some of its iconic cars, such as the 2CV, to the current lifestyle of the millennial generation.

Citroen seems aware that their products can be accepted mainly by the consumer segment in Indonesia at this time, dominated by millennials and gen-Z. This cannot be passed by Citroen to re-enter the Indonesian market. Besides, they bring more products the target sells, like millennials or EV cars, based on the global trend.

Actually, many Citroen products themselves are good, have great potential to be competitors, and can even head to head with several other products. Rich, the crossover segment is quite a lot of players in Indonesia. While they have a variety of crossover models, one of which is the Citroen C3. By the way, C3 with a body code CC21 differs from European spec. They produce for the African and Asian segments, for the production based in India and South Africa.

Where this model has the opportunity to face the twin duo Raize and Rocky and other players such as Renault Kwid and Nissan Magnite. This product market is really sexy, and much more potential buyers.

In addition, this segment also fights the Suzuki S-Presso, where the model sells well, and many enthusiasts despite blasphemies over a car. Because the crossover in this segment must have several important things, such as after-sales and branding, that are suitable for the financial capabilities of millennials today.

Even though Citroen himself could be a champion and even replaced the position of French cars that are now cool without any new breakthroughs in its class. Even Renault is helpless or has no more spurs so far. After all, currently, Citroen returns to Indonesia better even dare to give their latest products, including electric cars that are now loved by our people.

For this reason, the next thing that can be done is to multiply dealers and workshops for the maintenance of this car, or it could have begun to handle Indomobil's workshops which are currently in charge of Suzuki or Nissan. More clearly focus on after sales than new products come out.(AP)