From Jakarta to Surabaya, Morris Garage Prove They Product are Good for Indonesian Market

Surabaya, Otojatim.comFrom Jakarta to Surabaya, there was a long journey to prove a product durable and possible to drive between these two cities on the west and east. Then, Morris Garage or we known as MG prove their products are durable and lovely with a millennial. 

Starting from Jakarta to Surabaya city, they bring a product which is sold right now in Indonesia plus an Electric Vehicle as a product they try it. Shall this be good once there are any products from “China” expansively to Indonesia automotive market. Well for MG it is different and they are from England, which is now owned by a chinese company. 

But some battles proved, they wanted a durable program to make a satisfied customer in Indonesia. And here we go, a journey from west to east with a product now on sale. Also, they celebrate a GIIAS Surabaya from 14 September 2022 to 18 September 2022. This is why MG also participates in GIIAS Surabaya and comes with a different style. 

With a route from Jakarta to Surabaya followed by a Trans Java Road Toll, this is a good design to test the durability of MG products, especially an EV SUV now they promote as a future of SUV Electric. 

But concentration goes to an MG EV who brings this convoy. This shall be a stolen show of this convoy. 

In Surabaya, there was a good handicap to understanding MG in Surabaya. MG now partners with Mimosa Abadi, a company who became the main dealer for MG in Surabaya right now. They build and maintain service and sales for the Surabaya area. “We made a collaboration in 2020, for the first time starting in Bekasi, Palembang, Medan and the newest are Surabaya,” explains Thomas, General Manager of Mimosa Abadi.

Then Surabaya as a newest for MG Indonesia also opened as an answer for a more product that can be approached by MG in Surabaya, especially focused in 3S. “We are committed to be a dealer for 3S (Sales, Services and Spare Parts) which is trusted by MG owners in Indonesia especially in Surabaya,” he added.