World Premiere Of The All-New Astra Toyota Agya & Toyota Agya GR Sport

The Latest Generation of the All-New Agya aims to Fulfill Mobility Needs in Two Different Segments

Latest Generation of the All-New Agya

Jakarta, – PT Toyota-Astra Motor reveals the All-New Astra Toyota Agya and Toyota Agya GR Sport. After nearly a decade, Toyota has transformed the Agya by delivering two (2) models at the same time in two (2) different segments.

Agya continues to support first-user mobility needs towards a first car that they can rely on, while Agya GR Sport is aimed at sporty-minded customers who are looking for a car that offers them performance similar to a sports car. Carrying the “Exciting City Car” concept and equipped with the latest Toyota technology, the 2nd generation Agya is here to support the diverse and expanding customer mobility needs, keeping in line with the tagline "Move with No Boundaries."

"All-New Agya is a manifestation of Toyota's commitment to carrying out the vision of continuous improvement for products marketed in Indonesia and presenting ever-better cars to meet growing customer needs, including for sporty seekers and motorsport enthusiasts by providing superior performance and handling to the All-New Agya GR Sport. In line with Mobility for All's commitment, Toyota is advancing the value that is the advantage of this hatchback by embedding Toyota's latest technology based on a sophisticated concept of a human-centered approach," said President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Hiroyuki Ueda.

Apart from addressing customers’ needs, Agya’s debut is also part of Toyota's active participation in supporting the government's positive initiatives to deliver new mobility options. By producing cars that are specifically developed based on Indonesians' needs, it allows wider accessibility for people while expanding the growth of the national automotive industry.
interior New Agya 2023

Over time, Agya has impressed customers with three (3) main DNA: reliable quality, economical fuel consumption, and affordable prices. Agya has answered more than 320,000 customers mobility needs.

"We want thank our customers for the trust given to Agya as their first reliable car. Along with the evolution of trends and lifestyles, we see that there are changes in the needs of people who are not only looking for cars based on affordable selling prices. Many potential customers crave a car with refined essential quality, advanced features, a sporty appearance, and capable performance. To respond this need, in the 2nd generation of Agya we present not only 1 but 2 models at once. For those who are looking for the first car that is exciting and gives peace of mind, we have prepared the All-New Agya. And for the sporty seekers, we have prepared the All-New Agya GR Sport, which we also provide with special tuning in several parts to provide superior performance and handling. We hope that these two models can meet the needs of each segment, in line with our commitment to present Mobility for All," said Vice President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Henry Tanoto.

Full Transformation of the All-New Agya

There is an exponential increase in customer’s needs for a hatchback. Beyond the basic functions of a car, a hatchback must have good operating costs, high value for money and have a strong emotional connection with the owner. Additionally, it must also be eye-catching, able to offer good comfort, and be equipped with features to meet customer’s daily mobility needs.

Based on this approach, Toyota develop cars with the fundamentals of foundational quality and for this reason, we look in the improvement of quality, durability and reliability of the Agya. Moreover, Toyota also presents aggressive exterior styling, high performance, and improved driving quality to make Agya emotionally appealing. That way, the latest generation of Agya can establish a new standard of being customer's first choice car as well as becoming an exciting city car.

To improve essential quality, Toyota's designers and engineers had collaborated to test the vehicle in local conditions, where the roads are uneven and have to withstand occasional flooding. The objective is to improve several fundamental aspects so as to provide a tough and reliable vehicle while also promising high confidence.
New Toyota Agya 2023

The All-New Agya receives extensive improvement, where it sets a target to increase engine efficiency and save gasoline, while offering a stronger performance. It is completed with a new engine coded WA-VE with a 1,200 cc 3-cylinder Dual VVT-i that produces 88 PS of power at 6,000 rpm and 11.52 Kgm of torque at 4,500 rpm. The power delivery from the engine to the front wheels uses a more compact and efficient CVT transmission.

The 3-cylinder engine has great value and advantages, which is efficient in processing fuel so that gasoline consumption is more efficient and produces higher torque than a 4-cylinder engine with the same volume. The strong torque character is obtained since the low engine speed provides faster and more agile acceleration than the previous model without sacrificing fuel consumption. The new CVT transmission also contributes to engine efficiency while driving.

Reinforcing the Exciting City Car concept, the monocoque platform was developed with a suspension system that can absorb shocks better and is flexible to the dynamic Indonesian road conditions. The vehicle handling is also more agile, stable, and has fewer body roll opportunities, therefore increasing driving quality.

The improvement applied on the platform can increase the lateral stiffness so that the rear body is more stable, while the changes made to the torsion beam, which is stiffer, makes the car easier to control. The Electronic Power Steering (EPS) performance has also been improved so that it is more responsive with a smaller turning radius as this is one of the main requirements for a modern city car.

To increase the emotional connection with the driver, the All-New Agya offers an exterior styling that accentuate the “powerful and aggressive” style, enhancing the sporty image. Toyota also reveals a unique design style, with design changes made to the front, allowing the vehicle to look sportier. At the same time, the body silhouette from the side shows a masculine posture and looks bigger. The sharp design lines also show the aggressive impression of the character.

In the interior, the horizontal design concept gives a more sophisticated and driver-oriented impression to show a sporty, high-quality interior. The instrument panel and door trim adopt a 3D texture to give it a sophisticated feel. The center console and transmission lever are moved higher to maintain better driver ergonomics because of the design settings and seat position that can support the body optimally, including changes to the design and layout of the pedals. Thus, the driver gets a natural and relaxed sitting position.

The application of an advanced all-new platform provides space to enlarge the dimensions of the cabin while keeping the body compact as a hallmark of a reliable city car for urban mobility. The new Agya dimensions are 3,760 mm long, 1,665 mm wide, 1,505 mm high, and 2,525 mm wheelbase. Haulage capacity is increased by expanding the length of the trunk to 610 mm.

The latest generation of Agya not only improves driving stability but also furnishes more comfort to passengers. It includes a more spacious cabin, optimization of the driver's sitting position based on human-centered design, the right passenger seating position, ease of entry and exit of people, cabin comfort, and increased luggage capacity.

All New Agya GR Sport – A sporty appearance with improved sports performance

In line with today's needs and trends in hatchbacks and city cars, customers need a vehicle that is more than just a reliable and durable. The Agya GR Sport, previously known for it’s affordability and sport appearance in the GAZOO Racing line-up in Indonesia, has been improved to not only maintain it’s sporty style, but also enhanced its sport feel. Special tuning has been applied to improved performance and handling, making the driving experience even more enjoyable.  

To give a sportier appearance, this model is equipped with an aero kit mounted on the exterior to help improve the sporty hatchback's aerodynamics which is already better than the previous generation. Adding the vehicle's downforce allows it to maneuver in a stable and agile manner without worrying about losing control. The tire grip is getting better because of the diverting airflow, so it doesn't put pressure on the rear tires.

Inheriting the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) motorsports DNA, advanced changes are made to the suspension system and EPS. Exclusive shock absorbers and coil springs are formulated to provide maximum dampening power than the standard model. EPS also gets a tighter gear ratio to make it more agile when maneuvering. Meanwhile, specially selected sports tires can increase the tire's traction on straight roads and maintain a grip on winding roads.