Daihatsu Terios 7 Wonders Expedition Unveils Ternate–Halmahera’s Natural Splendors

Daihatsu Terios 7 Wonders Expedition

Otojatim.com - In its ongoing commitment to showcase the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Indonesia, Daihatsu's iconic adventure program, Terios 7 Wonders, embarked on a journey to Ternate–Halmahera in North Maluku from January 14-19, 2024. This expedition, spanning over 390 kilometers, aimed to explore the rich natural wonders and cultural diversity of the archipelago, while highlighting the resilience of the Terios SUV in navigating diverse terrains across Indonesia.

The expedition began its 5-day adventure by exploring the historical site of Kedaton Kecil, a site associated with the Sultanate of Ternate, located on the slopes of Mount Gamalama. The site, also known as Kedaton Ici, holds a significant place in the region's history, being the resting place of Sultan Ternate Ke–47, Iskandar Muhammad Jabir Sjah, and his family. The area, known as Buku Bendera, served as a strategic vantage point to monitor the arrival of colonial ships.

Continuing the journey, the expedition visited Benteng Tolukko on Ternate Island, a historic fortress reflecting the importance of spice trade in the past. Built in the 17th century by Sultan Ternate, the fortress stands as a symbol of the region's historical legacy amid colonial shifts in power.

The expedition then crossed to Halmahera Island, exploring the enchanting Guraping Mangrove Forest in Sofifi. This protected forest, covering 370 hectares, serves as a vital habitat for marine life and birds, while also protecting the coastline from erosion and storms. The mangrove forest contributes to the local economy and serves as a tourist destination, promoting environmental conservation.

Moving forward, the team explored WONDERS 3 and WONDERS 4, which included Gaongo River in Naga Village and Dodengo Traditional Village in Talaga. Gaongo, meaning "river," is a significant site for the local community, serving as a place for various activities such as bathing and traditional fishing. Dodengo Village showcased the unique Dodengo martial art tradition, originating from Gamkonara, introduced by Syekh Ishak Waliyullah from Iran.

After witnessing the Dodengo tradition, the expedition headed to WONDERS 5, Teluk Jailolo, a picturesque bay with white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and lush green surroundings. The team enjoyed the beauty of the marine environment, exploring the waters and appreciating the significance of Babua Island in Jailolo's culture.

The journey continued to WONDERS 6: Tolire Large and Small Lakes and WONDERS 7: Jikomalamo Beach. Tolire Large and Small Lakes, located on Ternate Island, offered breathtaking views with their unique charm. Tolire Large, a freshwater lake in a volcanic crater, provided a serene atmosphere with reflections of Mount Gamalama. Tolire Small, situated just a kilometer away, surrounded by greenery, offered a peaceful and natural ambiance.

Finally, the expedition reached Jikomalamo Beach, known for its stunning clarity of seawater and vibrant coral reefs. With abundant marine biodiversity, the beach became a perfect destination for diving enthusiasts. The coral reefs showcased a variety of colors, creating a mesmerizing underwater experience.

The Terios 7 Wonders Expedition has been an annual tradition for a decade, exploring various regions of Indonesia and promoting the beauty of the country. Daihatsu Terios, a stylish and modern 7-passenger SUV, has been a reliable companion for adventure enthusiasts for 17 years, offering a blend of sporty design, fuel efficiency, and advanced safety features.

For more information about Daihatsu Terios and its specifications, interested individuals can visit the official website at www.Astra-Daihatsu.id. The Terios is available in different variants, starting from Rp243,050,000 to Rp309,250,000 (OTR DKI Jakarta), catering to diverse preferences and needs.(*)