Kijang Innova Zenix HEV & Yaris Cross HEV Drives Toyota's Electrification Vehicle Sales Increase by 750%

Toyota xEV sales - PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) is starting the year with positive news regarding the 2023 whole sales, which experienced an increase compared to 2022. With the vision of bringing ever-better cars, especially electrified vehicles (xEV), Toyota sales (including Lexus) actually increased from 332,443 units in 2022 to 339,292 units in 2023. This translates to PT TAM's market share also increasing from 31.7% (2022) to 33.7% (2023). 

The transformation of PT TAM's sales landscape is attributed to the introduction of the iconic family MPV Kijang Innova Zenix at the end of 2022, which immediately recorded high sales in the following year. Kijang Innova Zenix HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) became the sales locomotive for Toyota's xEV with a total whole sales of 27,705 units in 2023, followed by Yaris Cross HEV (5,476 units) and Corolla Cross HEV (1,217 units). A significant historical note is the sharp increase in Toyota xEV sales, growing 750% from 4,436 units (2022) to 37,736 units (2023). It is noteworthy that Kijang Innova Zenix HEV and Yaris Cross HEV are Toyota Hybrid EVs produced in Indonesia.

"PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) expresses gratitude for the customers' trust in Toyota's mobility solutions, enabling the whole sales of 2023 to increase. The launch of the All New Kijang Innova Zenix and Yaris Cross received positive response from the public, especially the HEV models that led our electrification vehicle sales. With the increasing variety of new Toyota models, especially xEVs this year, we hope to make a significant contribution to driving the growth of four-wheeled vehicle sales and delivering ever-better cars that meet customer needs," said Vice President Director of PT. Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Henry Tanoto.

Kijang Innova Zenix HEV as the Locomotive of Toyota's xEV Whole Sales in Indonesia

"In line with the IT'S TIME FOR EVERYONE initiative to achieve carbon neutrality, TAM offers a complete range of electrified vehicles (xEV), including Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) that have attracted customer interest in environmentally friendly vehicles. In addition, the All New Kijang Innova Zenix, carrying the Kijang DNA, can generate family interest in reliable mobility solutions, especially the HEV electrification technology options available across all Kijang Innova Zenix grades, allowing anyone to take 'small' steps in preserving the environment in their daily mobility," explained Marketing Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Anton Jimmi Suwandy.

As public awareness of the importance of eco-friendly vehicles for a better life increases, xEVs have received positive responses in Indonesia, especially over the past three years. Data shows a significant increase in Toyota xEV sales from only 1,935 units (0.7% from total Toyota sales) in 2021 to 4,436 units (1.3%) in 2022, reaching a new record of 37,736 units (11.1%) in 2023. 

As the most popular xEV model in society, the sales contribution of Hybrid EV in the Indonesian automotive market was 2,489 units (2021), 10,369 units (2022), and a drastic increase to 54,307 units (2023). This revolutionary change, based on the new platform and hybrid powertrain options in this beloved Indonesian family MPV, provides an extraordinary driving experience. 

As newcomers to the automotive world, the All New Kijang Innova Zenix and All New Yaris Cross immediately received positive responses from the public. Moreover, these two Indonesian-made xEVs have been appreciated by various groups, especially the mass media, for being considered valuable according to customer needs. In fact, the All New Kijang Innova Zenix has won the Car of The Year 2023 several times as the chosen family car in Indonesia that has evolved over more than 45 years. Awards were also given to other Toyota HEVs, including Corolla Cross HEV, Corolla Altis HEV, and Camry HEV.

Throughout 2023, Toyota xEV sales were dominated by Hybrid EV, with the top three being Kijang Innova Zenix HEV, Yaris Cross HEV, and Corolla Cross HEV. The public can take pride in Kijang Innova Zenix HEV and Yaris Cross HEV as skilled Indonesian products that can master the advanced and complex production processes of HEVs.

Local Content up to 80%, Yaris Cross HEV Increasingly Popular Among Customers

Although launched in early 2023, Yaris Cross HEV immediately garnered positive attention from the public. With 80% local content, this model offers high value for money in the eyes of customers, especially with competitive pricing for a sophisticated, efficient, and environmentally friendly all-rounder vehicle. The contribution of 5,476 units or 14.5% of total xEV Toyota sales last year confirms this.

In line with the vision of bringing ever-better cars, PT TAM incorporates electrification technology as part of the Multi-Pathway Strategy to contribute to carbon emission reduction. Yaris Cross HEV is equipped with a 2NR-VEX 1,500 cc 4-cylinder hybrid powertrain producing 67 kW and 121 Nm of torque on the engine, as well as 59 kW and 141 Nm of torque on the electric motor. The Toyota Hybrid System (THS) optimally controls the combustion engine and electric motor, achieving maximum fuel efficiency at a ratio of 1:31 or 1 liter of fuel for 31 km.

Developments in the electric motor and the use of compact Lithium-Ion batteries contribute to producing a stronger and more intuitive linear performance, while being fuel-efficient and quiet. The presence of the EV Mode allows customers to experience the unique driving characteristics of a pure electric vehicle that is silent, responsive, and does not require fuel. This further provides peace of mind, as ownership costs remain relatively low due to the absence of additional maintenance, and battery spare part prices are relatively cheaper than Battery EV.

In addition to Hybrid, the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) type, Toyota bZ4X, which is Toyota's first BEV marketed in Indonesia, achieved sales of 479 units in 2023. Using the all-new e-TNGA platform specifically for BEVs, combined with various advanced features in comfort, safety, and ride quality, this BEV has been trusted by the Indonesian government in various international events such as the G20 Conference, ASEAN Summit, and AIS Summit.

Completing Toyota's xEV lineup, even though officially launched in August 2023, the All New RAV4 GR Sport PHEV immediately captured the hearts of Indonesian customers. The combination of the GR Sport model, tuned directly by GAZOO Racing, with the touch of electrification technology, further enhances the fun-to-drive aspect of this model. The Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is essentially the same as HEV, but it offers greater flexibility and can increase the range of the full Electric Vehicle (EV). This premium sporty SUV can also recharge its electric motor drive battery like a BEV for free at Ultra Fast Charging Stations Toyota in Astha Mal SCBD, several rest areas on the Trans Java Toll Road, and more than 95 official Toyota dealers throughout Indonesia.

"As part of the IT'S TIME FOR EVERYONE campaign, Toyota invites the public to participate in carbon neutrality programs through various steps that best suit their abilities. With the increasingly diverse range of Toyota xEV options, customers can determine how to reduce carbon emissions while still considering basic mobility solution needs that are suitable and sustainable. Public enthusiasm for electrified vehicles is one of the key factors in the growth of Toyota's whole sales in 2023. In line with the Total Mobility Solution vision, Toyota will add more xEV options, especially Hybrid EV, in the future, given that this type is most suitable for mobility needs in Indonesia," concluded Anton Jimmi Suwandy.