Customer's Unexpected Love Story: Mitsubishi XForce Steals the Show at IIMS 2024

Mitsubishi XForce Makes Waves at IIMS 2024 - The presence of Mitsubishi XForce at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2024 from February 15 to 25, 2024, at JiExpo Kemayoran Jakarta, brought forth many captivating tales, one of which revolves around Ali, a customer who found himself unexpectedly falling in love with the XForce.

The IIMS 2024, hailed as the most anticipated automotive exhibition by enthusiasts, showcased an array of offerings from 53 automobile and motorcycle brands alongside hundreds of supporting products, presenting enticing deals for prospective buyers. This became the opportune moment for individuals seeking to purchase new vehicles.

Ali (43), one of the visitors at IIMS 2024, journeyed from Bandung with the intention of test-driving various car brands on his radar. "I had planned to upgrade my car. There were several brands I had in mind. I did some research and watched numerous reviews on YouTube," he remarked while visiting the Mitsubishi booth on Sunday (February 18).

However, after trying out all the cars on his list, Ali found himself having a change of heart. Contrary to his initial considerations, he found himself drawn to the Mitsubishi XForce, which hadn't even made it onto his list of potential choices.

"While I was surveying the cars I desired, none seemed to meet my expectations. Just on a whim, I visited the Mitsubishi booth, tried out the XForce, and surprisingly, this was the one I liked. Compared to its competitors, this car is impressive. Without hesitation, I chose the XForce," Ali explained.

According to Ali, the XForce's appearance resonated with his taste, exuding a futuristic vibe compared to other cars in its class. He was particularly impressed by the T-shaped headlights, which imparted a bold, rugged, yet modern aesthetic. Upon entering the cabin, he was captivated by the luxury and comfort it offered, not to mention the abundance of features.

"I'll be using this car every day for work and family outings, so interior comfort is paramount to me. Initially, I thought the rear cabin might be small. But upon entry, the headroom and legroom were ample. It comfortably accommodates three people in the back. The seats can also be reclined in 8 stages," he elaborated.

Ali expressed satisfaction with the advanced features offered by the XForce, including an 8-inch digital driver display, a 12.3-inch head unit displaying vital information such as fuel consumption, tire pressure, battery capacity, and driving assessments. Additionally, it boasts a dual-zone air conditioning system with NanoeX technology capable of eliminating bacteria, viruses, and unpleasant odors.

Furthermore, the XForce indulges its users with a cooling function in the console box for beverages and a spacious cargo area equipped with kick sensor technology, allowing for hands-free opening and closing.

"Performance is also paramount for me. Initially, I thought the XForce would be stiff and bouncy. But during the test drive, I found the suspension to be soft, the steering light, the transmission smooth, and the performance aggressive from the bottom. It's impressive for a compact SUV," Ali remarked.

Ali also praised the drive mode features, which include Normal mode for city driving, Wet mode for handling wet and slippery roads, Gravel mode for rough terrains, and Mud mode for muddy roads.

"These modes will undoubtedly be very helpful, especially when combined with its high ground clearance. It makes me feel more prepared and confident when facing different road conditions, especially since my family and I often travel to various places with varying terrains," he added.

Furthermore, Ali was pleasantly surprised by the sound system of the Mitsubishi XForce. "I'm amazed; Mitsubishi truly offers the best for this car. Even the sound system is exceptional. The audio is clear and advanced, and it's made by Yamaha, top-notch!" he exclaimed enthusiastically.

The XForce features an audio system developed in collaboration with Yamaha Premium, incorporating Speed Compensated Volume & Equalizer (SCV) technology, ensuring automatic adjustment of sound levels depending on the vehicle's speed. It includes 8 integrated speakers and 4 preset equalizer modes (Signature, Lively, Powerful, Relaxing) that can be adjusted according to the driver's mood.

In addition to all the aforementioned features praised by Ali, the Mitsubishi XForce is equipped with a range of robust safety features, including Active Yaw Control (AYC), Cruise Control, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Active Stability Control (ASC), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), drive score, avionics, auto light control, rain sensor, blind spot warning (BSW), and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA).

At the IIMS 2024 event itself, the XForce dominated the test drives and emerged as one of Mitsubishi's top-selling cars throughout the exhibition. According to Mitsubishi's data, during the 11-day event, visitors conducted 250 test drives for the Mitsubishi XForce, followed by 57 test drives for the New Xpander Ultimate CVT, 74 test drives for the New Xpander Cross CVT Premium, and 65 test drives for the Pajero Sport Ultimate Dakar 4x2.

The Mitsubishi XFORCE is available in Graphite Gray Metallic, Energetic Yellow, Quartz White Pearl, Jet Black Mica, Blade Silver, and Red Metallic.

"I chose the Mitsubishi XForce Ultimate CVT in Jet Black Mica. Considering the price offered, I believe the XForce is worth buying," Ali concluded.