Toyota Presenting Complete Electrification Technology in GIIAS 2022

Toyota Electric cars Indonesia

Jakarta, – Carrying the theme “Let's Go Beyond” as Toyota's spirit at the 2022 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS), which will take place at ICE BSD City, Tangerang – Banten on 11-21 August, Toyota is committed to keep providing Mobility for All to fulfill various mobility needs of Indonesian society.

TAM as the official distributor of Toyota in Indonesia is presenting three brands at once (Toyota, Lexus, and GAZOO Racing) in the same area, to provide more diverse mobility options to the Indonesian people.

Toyota Present with Futuristic Booth and e-Pallete Special Exhibit

"At this year's GIIAS, we are here to bring the spirit of Let's Go Beyond which is Toyota's commitment to developing various mobility values that have added value. By presenting three brands (Toyota, Lexus, and GAZOO Racing) at GIIAS 2022, we hope to provide a complete picture of Toyota as a Mobility Company and be able to present various mobility options that suit the increasingly diverse needs of the Indonesian people." said Vice President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) Henry Tanoto.

At the GIIAS 2022, TAM presents a more futuristic and advanced booth covering an area of more than 4,000m2 in Hall 1B ICE BSD through the Toyota & Lexus brand. Displaying a variety of ever-better cars, Toyota presents a lineup of more than 35 units during the exhibition, ranging from electrified vehicles, sports cars, and other conventional models to support people's mobility needs.

In line with Let's Go Beyond's spirit, Toyota always strives to present various exceptional mobility services and programs that are expected to transcend customer expectations by presenting a Total Mobility Solution.

Toyota Presents The All New GR86 Sports Car And 5 New GR Sport Models At GIIAS 2022

“We are trying to embody the spirit of Beyond Product, Beyond Technology, and Beyond Service at this year's GIIAS, by offering various lineups that represent every mobility need of society and diverse mobility solutions. By presenting a Toyota booth next to Lexus, we hope to make it easier for visitors to determine mobility partners that suit their needs.” said Henry.

Offering Complete Electrification Vehicle Technology to Create a Better Environment
At GIIAS 2022, through the Multi-Pathway strategy, Toyota presents various complete electrification technologies to the Indonesian people, ranging from Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV).

In particular, Toyota also displays the Toyota bZ4X as the first step in developing more battery EV options in the future. This also confirms Toyota's spirit and commitment to actively support the Indonesian government's policies in achieving carbon neutralization, including developing the electrification-based automotive industry.

“Toyota fully supports the positive steps taken by the Indonesian government in introducing electrified vehicles as an effort to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions in Indonesia. This is realized by presenting a complete lineup of Toyota's electrified vehicle technology, including showing the Toyota bZ4X as our commitment to displaying more choices of environmentally friendly vehicles and the first step in developing more battery EV options in Indonesia in the future.” said Henry

Toyota's sincerity in supporting the government's efforts to reduce carbon emissions in Indonesia is not only by presenting a complete selection of electrified vehicles. Through the Multi-Pathway approach, Toyota also participates in efforts to popularize electrification technology for all Indonesian people.

Launch Of Electrification Learning Facility In Indonesia

As part of its strategy to popularize electrified vehicle technology, Toyota has presented EV Smart Mobility, an electrification ecosystem development project integrated with an ecotourism mobility platform. After being present in the Nusa Dua area, Bali, in July 2022, Toyota expanded the electrification ecosystem development project to the Toba area, North Sumatra.

From now on, Toyota is committed to increasing the options of electrified vehicles and continues to popularize this technology. This year Toyota also will start producing electrified vehicles with Hybrid technology locally for the first time.

"As a mobility company that is committed to bringing Mobility Happiness for All, in the future we will continue to vary the options of electrified vehicles and strive to continue to popularize and educate the public through various programs that are integrated with our electrification lineup. Hopefully, the public can have better understandings and contribute to supporting the government to achieve carbon neutralization in Indonesia.” said Henry.

Toyota Introduces T-CARE as a Mobility Ease Solution
To provide mobility solutions for customers and in line with efforts to manifest a Total Mobility Solution, at the GIIAS 2022 event, TAM officially introduces one of its newest after-sales programs, namely T-CARE.

Started from July 1, 2022, customers who purchase new cars for certain models will get the following benefits:
  • Free Service Fee (from 2nd to 7th Periodic Service, maximum 3 years/60,000 km).
  • Free Spare Parts (from 2nd to 7th Periodic Service, maximum 3 years/60,000 km).
  • Reward in the form of an Extended Warranty for 1 year/20,000 km, so that the total Toyota Warranty Indonesia is recorded to be 4 years/120,000 km, if the customer is routinely serviced every 6 months.

The T-CARE program is an additional benefit provided to customers when purchasing a new vehicle and is incorporated into the sales program set by Toyota for certain vehicle models. The T-CARE program will cover Toyota customers who purchase new vehicles from July 2022 with the production code 2022.

The models include Corolla Cross & Corolla Cross Hybrid, C-HR Hybrid, Fortuner, LC-300, Raize, Rush, Alphard, Vellfire, Avanza, Veloz, Innova, Sienta, Voxy, Camry & Camry Hybrid, Corolla Altis & Corolla Altis Hybrid, Supra*, Toyota 86, Vios, Yaris, Hilux, Hi-Ace Premio & Commuter.

Besides T-CARE, Toyota's official workshops currently offer a vehicle maintenance program called "Promo Mantap" (Safe Cars Stay Prime). All loyal Toyota customers can enjoy this program from August – September 2022. Through this program, customers can enjoy a 10% discount on TMO Injector Cleaner and TMO Brake Cleaner products and Toyota Tire Solution tire replacement services (*for certain tire types).(*)